Links à la Mode: IFB Weekly Roundup

Thank you to all of you who participated in this weeks round of Links à la Mode… it’s been a bit of a change since we’ve decided to go ahead and limit the number of links in the roundup. We DID get some wonderful posts… a great thought provoking post from 39thandbroadway asked us if our hunger for fast fashion was causing designer burnout. Fête à Fête introduces us to Lia Lintern custom fitted luxe coats. The Coveted dishes her tips on how to keep warm in subzero temperatures (without looking frumpy).

Because of the great participation with Links à la Mode, the list has gotten very long, and we’ve been discussing possible solutions to make the list more manageable. Since most of you agreed the list was getting very long, and that a limit would be fine so from this point on, we will publish only the first 20 links posted in the Links à la Mode thread.

Links à la Mode :January15th

If you’d like to take part in Links a la Mode, please sign up for next week’s roundup in the IFB forums! Remember, only the first 20 links will be published!

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