The Clutches of Technology
By: Jennine Jacob

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These days, it’s all about mobility… I traded in my desktop for a laptop years ago. While I love my laptop to bits and pieces.. it’s really difficult to tote around the city, and as I found out at Berlin Fashion Week, it’s near impossible to carry it around all day. And while some people can blog from their phone, I need to be able to edit photos, as with fashion, you can’t really communicate without good pictures, and you can’t take press ready photos with a phone camera either. To really go out and about and blog on location, it’s necessary to have manageable equipment, and nowadays there’s a growing number of mini computers that can do just that. Last year, Vivienne Tam collaborated with HP to create a small and fashionable computer specifically for women.

Though I’m not really sure how I feel about gadgets being marketed as fashion accessories, I do like well-designed objects. Last week, I got something lovely in the mail… the Vivienne Tam HP mini to test out (I’m not sure if I can keep it). It’s really a tiny little thing, designed by Vivienne Tam, it has her signature Asian influence. It’s red casing with floral graphics are really nice. And girly enough my boyfriend won’t want to steal it from me.  At 2.45lbs, just over a kilo, it’s actually small enough to fit in a clutch. Though with the mouse, camera, wallet and cables, a tight fit, I’ll probably use a regular handbag.  So far, I’ve only used it around the house… it’s good for hanging out on the sofa, checking emails, typing documents, and doing webcam chats on Skype. The screen is small, but usable, as is the keyboard.

All in all, as much as I love beauty, looks aren’t going to cut it for me.  These next few weeks I’m going to put the VT HPmini to the acid test. I’ll be taking it out and using it for presentations, blogging on the road, as I’m going to Paris on Friday. I’ll be uploading pictures, using GIMP (the open source competitor to Photoshop) to edit them, and we’ll see how it holds up. I’m really excited, if it works out, it would be a big step for mobility.  I’ll be doing a full review next week!

For more images, and to  get a closer look at these, visit my flickr page.


  1. Fenke says:

    I am curious how you like it. While I am normally not such a big fan of these [obviously] “women gadgets”, for the same reason you are uncertain: they do not always compete tech-wise with the regular stuff. but i have to admit – this one is … well.. really pretty :-)

  2. I’m definitely interested to hear how this holds up and whether it’s a piece of kit work investing in! I hate that my lap top isnt as portable as i would like it to be :(

  3. I hope that you like this because I have this same issue too! I wish there was a more portable laptop that didn’t burn a rut into my shoulder!

  4. Karen Olivia says:

    Definitely looking forward to hearing about your thoughts on this notebook!

  5. lisa says:

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! My laptop suffices for now as since I’ve graduated from university I rarely have to leave the house with it.

  6. Jennine says:

    ❤fenke…oh yeah, i’m skeptical when they do this marketing to ‘women’ …but i do like pretty things, as long as they work.
    ❤what the pros…yes, i know my laptop is great, but carrying it for a day sucks
    ❤lisa, i’m scared to bring my laptop around… it rarely levaes the house too, if it can be avoided it stays home

  7. Glendy says:

    OMG Jennine, This is EFFIN’ fabulous! You go girl

  8. Amber says:

    Wow this beautiful! I just bought an HP 1000 but it’s boring old black. I’ll be testing mine out shortly by taking it on a serious trip around Asia, blogging most of the way!

  9. I want to be on THAT mailing list!
    Can’t wait to hear how it holds up. I need a mini, too!

  10. TheDoll says:

    I don’t heart red, but its cute. I wonder if its dependable. Did you receive as swag?

  11. Barcelonette says:

    This mini computer is no nice. I’m addicted to fashion and also to tech, I post in my blog from my Iphone with the BlogPress application and edit pics with Photo fx and Collage. I really love it.
    My boyfriend gave me a little Asus to wear in my bag but cables are much heavier than the pc so I don’t take it out that much.
    I’m sure you’ll love it at last!!!!

    .-= Barcelonette´s last blog ..EL MEJOR ANUNCIO JAMÁS CREADO – CHANEL Nº 5 =-.

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