Evolving Influence Videos Now Posted!
By: Jennine Jacob

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Did you get to see the Evolving Influence Conference? View the live stream? If you didn’t, or if you missed something, no need to fret or wish you saw something and missed it, we have something for you…

The Evolving Influence Videos

Here are four 5-minute videos with portions of the conference along with interviews with some of the panelists covering some of the points discussed at the conference. We decided to make the videos shorter and more web friendly so you can get the most out of your time. Thanks to Deanne Yee from Dream Sequins for interviewing and Drea Bernardi for editing and producing and made these videos handy and bite size!

Fashion Blog Marketing

Marketing may sound like a scary corporate buzzword, but it’s an essential part of growing your blog readership whether you know you’re doing it or not. How do you get your blog out there? How do you create your niche? How do you cultivate a readership? With all the emphasis on being an insider, how can being an outsider help us as bloggers? In this video we discuss some points in ways you can incorporate marketing into your blogging routine that won’t require you to go back to college for another degree.

Nichelle Pace, Style Mom • Erika Miller, Elle.com • Shubankhar Ray*, G-Star RAW

*G-Star RAW is a sponsor of the Evolving Influence Conference

The Business of Fashion Blogging

‘They say do what you love and the money will follow,’ says the intro to the panel written by moderator, Yuli Ziv of  Style Coalition. And it’s true the money will follow, but you still need to learn the ropes in the business world, and the fashion blogging business world? Well, it’s a whole new industry in the very beginning stages, even the experts don’t have a formula. Here we talk with the panelists about authenticity, what sponsors look for in a blog, how the advertising market is changing and what that means to you as a blogger.

Gala Darling, iCiNG • Lauren Dimet Waters,  Second City Style • Dina Fierro – Eye4Style, Attention! • Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, BlueFly.com

Fashion Blog Ethics

What makes an ethical blogger? While we’d all like to think of ourselves as ethical bloggers, there are some issues that come up that seem innocuous or even a fashion industry standard, but that does it make it right? Does it put your credibility at risk? Just because fashion editors do it, does that mean that should be a standard for fashion bloggers?  The ethics panel turned out to be a dark horse causing controversy at the the conference, discussing disclosure, gifting, and whether it presented a conflict of interest to accept gifts from fashion companies as bloggers, and why ethics help bloggers protect themselves.

Wendy Brandes (moderator), Wendy Brandes Jewelry • Imran Amed,  Business of Fashion • Jessica Schroeder,  What I Wore •  Mary Scherpe,  Stil in Berlin • Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, New York Times

The Future of Fashion Blogging

What IS the future of fashion blogging? Haven’t we just started? It seems like just a few years ago not many people knew what a blog was, nowadays bloggers are making a living, achieving a somewhat celebrity status, and making the blacklist of editors…or are they? How much of the blogging hype is actual hype and how much of blogging is really just about doing your own thing? While we don’t exactly know about the future, we try to cast new light on some of the myths going out around traditional media and in the bloggosphere.

Susie Bubble,  Style Bubble • Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie • Phil Oh,  Street Peeper • Britt Aboutaleb & Lauren Sherman, Fashionista.com

What’s your opinion?

Now you’ve heard from key players in the blogging and fashion industry…what do you have to say? Do tell!


  1. WendyB says:

    Do I have lipstick on my teeth??
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Introducing the Asterisk Ring =-.

  2. julia says:

    Yay! So excited to see this up! :) Great job guys!

  3. Sweet Bee says:

    Thanks for posting the video’s! =)

  4. Oh these are great! Thanks for posting them. Sooooooooooo wish I could have been there in person!

  5. stevo says:

    G-star is a Dutch company trying to make it into the USA market. This is a smart and viral way for sure.

  6. Andrea says:

    Just watch all of these – great content. Thanks for posting!

  7. dreamsequins says:

    Thanks for posting this! I had fun interviewing the panelists…
    .-= dreamsequins´s last blog ..City of Angels =-.

  8. Natanya says:

    Yay! Thanks for posting this!
    .-= Natanya´s last blog ..Fashion Perversion? =-.

  9. eyeliah says:

    great videos, it’s taken me a while but I’m watching them all now ;-)
    .-= eyeliah´s last blog ..One Thing I Can Tell You Is You Got To Be Free =-.

  10. Anna says:

    Thank you for making these videos available to people who couldn’t visit the conference. I am currently writing a thesis on fashion blogs and found the statements very interesting.
    I think that the subject of blog ethics and financing fashion blogs is of central importance to the future of fashion blogs and I am curious to see which ways bloggers will take.
    I think that many fashion bloggers are currently stuck in the conflict between authenticity and independence on the one hand and the aim to make money with their blog on the other hand. The problem is not just about accepting gifts but also about advertising and collaborations with big companies on the content level.

  11. Anna says:

    By the way, if anyone can recommend further material that might be helpful for my research thesis, I’d be grateful for your help (just contact me via my blog). Thanks!

  12. Kristina says:

    Great to watch! Wish I could have been there! It’s nice to see the support from reps of major retailers & publications too.
    .-= Kristina´s last blog ..A Very Vogue Alice in Wonderland =-.

  13. GDK says:

    Thanks for posting these videos – they are so informative. I was bummed when I couldn’t make it out to NY this time around – so exciting to see how the panels are evolving. Nice work!
    .-= GDK´s last blog ..Women Who Made History: Ray Eames =-.

  14. jesspgh says:

    Cross posted from The Coveted but I wanted to comment here since there are additional videos.
    Thank you for sharing these edited videos for those of us who couldn’t be there and wanted a concise snapshot of the debate. I am especially grateful for the clip about ethics and blogging. I do think this is still very much a gray area even with the assistance of the FTC guidelines. And I really dislike when bloggers are coy or seem ambivalent about the free swag they’ve accrued through blog notoriety. It is good for readers and for the public relations aspects of blogging to be gracious and acknowledge the privileges that some are afforded through their blogging labor.
    .-= jesspgh´s last blog ..Nerd Dress Alert: Nanette Lepore Stella Dallas =-.

  15. nibby says:

    I love these videos!! i have to come out on the bloggers spotlight ASAP lol anyway i love this site!

  16. Valerie says:

    These were very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi, after the latest Wintour Fauxpax we posted an article about your Video “The Future of Fashion Blogging” because this video hits the point and the truth
    .-= Fashion Style Blog´s last blog ..The Future of Fashion Blogging =-.

  18. I found these very insightful. Wish I could of been there. I find it really amazing that fashion bloggers have become more the “fashion leaders” in the industry. It’s great that someone can live in Iowa or something and get their talent or photography noticed by the industry. I had always wanted to start a fashion blog but never really knew if I was able to do it. Now, after a year of fashion school (I study fashion merchandising) in San Francisco and really narrowing down what field I want to be in, I’ve found that styling is what I’m interested in and it’s helped me grow into what I want to write about. I don’t feel intimidated to write amongst all the more popular bloggers because they are just regular people that love fashion as much as I do. It’s a great community to see. http://musemeblog.blogspot.com/

    xoxo Emily

    thanks again for these videos!
    .-= Emily Belleau´s last blog ..We’ll Always Have Paris =-.

  19. These are great videos. I think different areas are catching onto blogging more then others. Im from san jose california and I just recently started a street style blog and when I approach people for their pictures they have not idea what Im talking about. Like style bubble said blogging is kind of its own world. If your not a blogger or you dont read blogs then you wont really understand what there about.


  20. Wow What a fabulously edited video! So concise and picks out all the main points from the conference! Definitely something to refer to that is simple and easy to watch!!

  21. Great Videos! I really got alot out of them. Picks the main points and runs with them.

    Beaut xxx

  22. Chalmers says:

    I just wanted to leave a simple thoughts to talk about that the blog site was nice. I came across it on the search engines lookup after experiencing a lot of other information that had been probably not relevant. I believed I would discover this much before considering how good the information is.

  23. I am interested in seeing how G-Star Develops here in the USA but I would have loved to be there in person

  24. hassam says:

    more videos…..plz

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