IFBtv: How To Conduct a Successful Interview

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We’ve had a few episodes of IFBtv so far right? Hooray! Hopefully you’ve taken some notes and we were able to help out a bit. This week we’re straying going to tell you have to conduct a successful video interview in 5 simple steps!


Check back next Thursday at 3pm EST for a new episode. Also if you have any suggestions or something specific you’d like to see leave us a comment and we’ll take it under consideration.


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  1. Faye says:

    thank you, this is really useful. i’m looking to do some video interviews in the future and i’ll definitely refer back to this.

    faye xo

  2. Patricie says:

    this is very usefull:) thank you girls.

  3. Kalyca romeo says:

    I’ve noticed with Q&As or interviews asking quick-fire, funny questions like “describe your alter ego,” or you’ve caught red-handed with pieces from a fashion legend’s closet, who is it and what’s in your hand?” The responses you get will put everyone at ease and make the interviewing process a bit easier. Also practice with friends and friends of friends. http://romeostyle.com/

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