IFB Project #32: Create Your Red Carpet Look
By: Amanda Boyce

red carpet project
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January and February are all about award show-mania.

Events, red carpets, flashing lights. Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG! It’s practically a marathon! While I find most award shows to be slightly boring (3 hours? are you serious?!), I can’t help but obsess over the red carpet. It might sound cheesy but the red carpet is like a fashion girl’s dream. Doesn’t it sound fun to get glammed up with a team of professionals, wear a stylin’ gown (custom-made, of course) and walk through a sea of photographers all screaming your name?

Since the chances of me actually being on a red carpet are slim to nil, I will instead dream up my red carpet look on the blogosphere and am challenging you to do the same!


IFB Project #32: Create Your Red Carpet Look


For this project, I want to see your dream red carpet look. I know every gal dreams about what she would wear if she ever walked the red carpet and now is the time to show off your glamorous inspirations. Hair, jewels, makeup, dress. You name it, I want to see it. You can either create a photo collage like I did above or gather various pictures of your dream red carpet outfit and post on your blog.

Submit your links below and share them on twitter using the #IFBproject hashtag. I can’t wait to see what your dream red carpet outfit is. Who knows, maybe you will see your favorite star walking down that famed carpet wearing something you have dreamed about!

image from Alessandro Viero / GoRunway.com and JustJared.com




  1. beatriz says:

    yeah, you are right about the kind of marathon that is the time consuming about how long are those shows,, but the red carped, as we name it is just my favorite part of the show and where we can see what is about fashion.
    im not a teeneger but there is not woman over the world that never have dream about how she would look walking along this carpet.
    i just see me all glamorous, a gorgeous dress in red and simple diamonds on my ears, a simple diamond brazalet , simple makeup by a famous makeup fashionist and voala,,,,,,!!!!!

  2. My Voguish Diaries says:

    Loove love love this challenge!!! I’m already thinking of so many things!

  3. Lizz says:

    Here’s my post!!! I hope you like!! I really enjoyed doing this project!! 😀



  4. Jennifer says:

    I just finished mine! I think I might be obsessed with this idea now though… I may just kill the whole weekend trying out different looks!

    Check out my first one @ http://www.polyvore.com/awards_ceremony_dreaming/set?id=42902850

    The black gown + black pumps + black clutch theme might seem pretty tame, but I think the sparkly-but-quirky jewelry amps up both the personality and glam factors.

    Thanks for the fun project!!!

  5. Michaella says:

    Here’s my post: http://fashionableunicorn.blogspot.com/2012/01/massillon-museum.html
    I went on a mini red carpet and met Steven, from season 4 of Project Runway!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! I love to play dress up and this is the ultimate type of dressing up. I think my look would be perfect for the more unconventional Grammy’s red carpet. I can’t wait to see what other people come up with.


  7. I am Sam, Sam I am says:

    Love, love, love this.

    my post: http://iamsam123.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-red-carpet-look.html

  8. Profile photo of Amanda Boyce
    Amanda Boyce says:

    Hey guys! Sorry, the list widget is up and ready for your additions too. Submit your posts there too if you’d like!

  9. Boxer's Adventures says:

    Major love here.

    Boxer’s Adventures
    Blog and Shop from around the world

  10. Alexandra says:


    Here it is. Maybe it wasn’t a movie premiere or any awards, but this was the look I opted for for the most special birthday of my life.

    And this I would wear on the red carpet.

  11. Natalia Dreamlander says:

    Here’s mine, here’s mine! http://fashionagainstideology.blogspot.com/2012/01/ifb-project-32-red-carpet-look.html

    It is a 100% ethical look. (Yeah, I added more challenge to the challenge, :D)

  12. Fashion Scanner says:

    Love this challenge!!

    Here’s my red carpet wish list: http://fashionscanner.onsugar.com/Red-Carpet-Wish-List-21539613

  13. Donna says:

    Fun challenge!
    I’m sure I could find many more great outfits, so we should do this again!


  14. Cinched says:

    looove all of the above!!
    I thought it suiting to give my red carpet look a valentine’s theme! here it is:

  15. Jolie Goodnight says:

    I am so in love with this challenge! Since I’m a singer and actress my absolute D-R-E-A-M is to walk a red carpet someday! Thanks for lettin’ a girl dream. <3 xo, Jolie


  16. Heather Fonseca says:

    So glad I had these photographs of the dress I would most certainly wear if I were to be invited to a red carpet event. Here’s the post: http://thestyleconfessions.com/2012/01/30/jean-louis-scherrer-couture-cocktail-dress/

  17. Jennifer Malcriada says:

    Here’s my decidedly non-sparkly choice of looks. http://malcriada.net/post/16791909944/ifb-project-32-create-your-red-carpet-look
    Thanks so much!

  18. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle says:

    Here is my contribution. A lot to consider before choosing your dress! http://40plusstyle.com/what-dress-would-you-be-wearing-to-the-oscars-this-year

  19. Anindhita Rustiyan says:

    take a look at mine, I play with classy style, black and gold :)


  20. Marche' Robinson says:

    I’m loving this challenge! Here’s my post! http://www.eyecandy828.com/2012/01/red-carpet.html

  21. Kristi Malone says:

    This post was FILLED with dreams! So much fun and so hard to narrow it down! http://sprinklesonmystilettos.com/2012/01/31/ifb-project-create-your-own-red-carpet-look/

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