IFB Project #34: Spread Love for Valentines Day
By: Amanda Boyce

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It might be corny but I kind of love this holiday. Pink, red, candy, flowers. Even if you are without a beau, it can still be a fun day to celebrate the love in general. This week, I want you to work on spreading love to the blogging community and to your own blog as well. Let’s face it, we can focus so much on the negative but for one day, just focus on the positive by sharing love.


IFB Project #34: Spread Love for Valentine’s Day


In honor of Valentine’s Day, focus on the love and share what makes you happy for this week’s project. Write a poem, take a photo, make a video, we are giving you free reign! Whatever you want to use, go for it. This project is all about creativity, positivity and most importantly, LOVE! We don’t take enough time to sit down and truly appreciate what we do so, for just this one day, take a moment and reflect upon what you love.


Submit your links here! And happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!


  1. Carol says:

    LOL I did this one already, for a different group, our local Rocket City Bloggers group. So here it is, and it’s about YOU IFB. http://carolmarksonline.com/fashion-passion/

  2. Really love the message that this post spreads. Excellent. Always a fun day to just dress cute!

    International Blog and Shop

  3. this is fun! valentine’s day is not a special day for me but would love to have fun and join this :) I can share this in my social networks too

  4. Audrey says:

    I don’t usually celebrate valentine’s day but this project has given me a whole lot to thing about as regards what brings joy to my life. http://audzfashionthots.blogspot.in/2012/02/for-love.html

  5. June says:

    Since couples already have grand plans on Valentine’s day, I did a post on Valentine’s day for single girls. Are you Single on Valentine’s day? Then you must read http://junebiswas.blogspot.com/2012/02/10-rules-of-single-girls-valentines-day.html

  6. Cate says:

    Love valentines day – ask your man to get you a fab designer kaftan from http://www.bluemojito.co.uk or one of their embellished tunics

  7. Joy says:

    im planning to write about my favourite new blogger finds! i could be their valentine for the day.

  8. Kathryn says:

    I baked cookies for Valentines Day! Next to shoes, cookies are always a good way to a woman’s heart. Especially if they look like they’ve been rolled in glitter.


  9. Kassandra says:

    Here is a link to the Valentine’s Day video that I made with my blogging bestie, Adventures in Fashion

  10. So my post isn’t entirely Valentine’s Day related, but I’m wearing pink, red and floral ^_^


  11. I created outfits for that important date night for very different budgets – just a little inspiration to love birds that now must be rushing around the shops to find that va va voom look!

  12. Thanks! We have a link on our site so you can share Virtual Valentines on FB, plus I’m at ring #49 in my ‘100 Favorite Rings in 100 Days’ countdown, come on over and check it out. http://www.laurapreshong.com/blog

  13. Jazmin says:

    Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Here are some fun and some untraditional heart themed items I found that can take you beyond the month of LOVE. Enjoy <3


  14. Rebecca says:

    This project was so fun! Inspired me to create a lovely weekend! Here’s my post:

    Weekend Lovin’

  15. Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day so stay calm and go shopping ;)


    This is my blog post made especially with ifb Project #34 in mind :) hope u like it :) x x

  16. Well, sincer on my blog I don;t post my outfits, I shared two DIY projects with my visitors…for Valentine’s day, of course! Here they are: http://www.comfyspace.wordpress.com

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies.
    Keeping the theme of Spread Love for Valentine’s Day, I am sharing with you a few of my favorite thing that I completely love.

  18. Loren says:

    I painted a gallery wall for my Valentines celebration. And filled it with some ‘love prints’. It’s a double whammy because I can trade out the pictures for other things at different holidays.

  19. Cc says:

    I love blogging, so that´s why i shared my thoughts about this day here http://originaleegggoo.blogspot.com/2012/02/back-on-my-holiday-grinch-mode.html#links


  20. Alexandra says:

    This year I am on such an emotional high, that I couldn’t help but go all out for Valentine’s Day!! I just returned home from NYFW and IFBCon with a new level of passion and excitement about my work, and I am so grateful for the love I’m receiving from my friends, family and long-time, long-distance love, K.

    This girl is feelin’ the love, and it’s gooood!!!



  21. Julieta says:

    I made a gift list for her, full of hearts and pink-red fabulous and stylish items!
    You’re welcome to visit!

    Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

  22. Karina says:

    Love it! It looks great on my cup every morning!

  23. Happy Love Day everyone. Here’s my share you love link. I’m a sucker for love!



  24. Anna says:

    I created a survival guide for all the singles out there… ;) http://sthlmcalling.com/survival-guide-valentines-day-when-youre-single/

  25. January says:

    We incorporated our kids in Valentine’s Day and started a new tradition! And, of course, I put my outfit together especially for the holiday! :-)

  26. Stephanie says:

    Another valentine post, not about the holiday, about the color palette all around us today!

  27. melmo says:

    Even though I don’t like Valentine’s Day, I was so fancy about all the pink stuff in the shops and I had to buy it :D

  28. Being my first “single” Valentines Day in five years, I was thankful for my best girlfriends and of course NYFW helped take my mind off things!

  29. Afeeyah says:

    Lol seems to be the day after vals but just wanted to post this small post I shared on my blog; have a read and hope you like

  30. sssourabh says:

    Chose to focus on all things fashionably hearty – and what a surprise!

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