Chic Reads Of The Week
By: Taylor Davies

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We dropped the ball on Chic Reads last week, so I figured I’d double up on you this week. I’ve rounded up some juicy tid-bits from around the internets, from beauty tips from Miss Piggy to a little Zou Bisou Bisou. Enjoy, and for goodness sake, happy Friday!

From around the interwebs and back again, here are this week’s Chic Reads!


 [Image credits: Refinery29; Buzzfeed;]



  1. That Refinery29 piece on Secrets revealed was excellent! :)


  2. Clarisse says:

    Very interesting, especially R29 article! So much things i wanted to know without daring to ask!

  3. LOVED the R29 article. the Vogue diet mom not so much. I’m so put of by her self righteousness and complete disregard for her daughter’s mental and emotional health.

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