IFB Project #41 Round Up: Print-on-Printed Matter
By: Taylor Davies

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What can I say? You guys (girls) continue to inspire me with your amazing project submissions. Already my head is boiling over with new ideas of how to pair my polka dot blouse and floral jeans, or my striped sweater and ikat skirt.


It seems the overaching trend among the post submissions was to mix a little floral with something else – like animal print or more floral! Truly we’re all in quite a spring mood – from California to Florida, New York City to the midwest! A big thank you to everyone who posted their links this week.

Here are our favorite 10 print-on-print project submissions!

  1. Stripes + Floral by Natasha Fatah
  2. Floral + Floral by Crystal Eyes
  3. Python + Cheetah by The Style Safari
  4. Stripes + Polkadots by 10thirteen
  5. Floral + Floral by Smile For Style
  6. Plaid + Plaid by Sorelle in Style
  7. Stripes + Abstract Floral by Lets Talk Fashion
  8. Plaid + Cheetah by Malcriada
  9. Polkadots + Florals by What’s Cookin, Goodlookin?
  10. All Kinds of Inspiration from Gypsy Luster


Be sure to check out to all the posts from this week’s project here, and check back for the new project on Friday at 3pm!



  1. Natasha Fatah says:

    Oh yeah! I’m so stocked! :)


  2. Jaspe says:

    such a nice blogs !

  3. Jennifer Malcriada says:

    Thank you so much for selecting my post! I was in a fight with my bf when he (grudgingly) took those pics of me…can’t wait to tell him they were worth it! :)

  4. Leslie says:

    Yay, thanks so much for picking my post!

  5. barefoot duchess says:

    they were all great, but my favorite was the style safari!

  6. Christi @ The Aquarians says:

    Aww i missed this!! Print on prints my jam :) but i love what’s been selected.

  7. What's Cookin, Goodlookin!? says:

    WOW! Thanks for picking my post! :)

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