Bow Wow Chic: Style Bloggers & Their Pets
By: Taylor Davies

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If there’s one companion we need more than our computer’s its our four-legged friends. Okay, so maybe that was a terribly cheesy thing to say – but truly – our pets provide so much love and companionship in our lives, that it’s only right that we show them some love on our blogs from time to time.

For your Saturday afternoon enjoyment, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blogger + pet companion photos. Sit, stay, browse!

Jessie & Sadie

Jen & Harley

Britt & Bella

Laura & Lola

Taylor & Luca

Alexandra & Pepa


  1. Glam Slam! says:

    Sooooo cute! It’s so true….next to our blogs our pets are our next greatest love and obsession! ;)

  2. Anna says:

    Awwww gorgeous. My Lopez would have loved to be included. He has a massive transatlantic crush on Britt’s Bella :) xx

    South Molton St Style

  3. I post pictures of my pets too!!! My face lightens up when they come in the frame!!! Ninja (my black cat) loves being photographed and Oliver (my daughter’s ..super cute dog…King Charles) always follows Ninja!


  4. kat says:

    Very cute! I agree, your for legged friends do help! I know mine does!

  5. wish-fashion says:

    Haha,i love my dog

  6. Hey, why no cats?! My cat has made a few appearances on my blog. She’s not so good at posing with me in pictures, but sometimes she sits in my room with me while I’m outfit planning and I’m pretty sure she’s paying attention.

    Sarah’s Real Life

  7. Profile photo of Alexandria
    Alexandria says:

    all of these are so cute!

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