Wake Up Round Up: Kate Middleton Greets The Olympic Torch
By: Chelsea Burcz

Kate Middleton at the Olympics
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Why CEOs should use social media. [Harvard Biz]

“The multimillion-dollar party to kick off London’s third modern Olympiad reportedly will reference Bond, James Bond (with star Craig, Daniel Craig) as well as the Beatles (with Sir Paul McCartney leading one huge sing-along). There will apparently be symbols of UK-cradled children’s lit both classic (Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan, each high-flying in individual ways) and current (Harry Potter and the Stadium of Psychedelic, Torch-Bearing Dreams).” [Washington Post]

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife give $2.5 million in support of same-sex marriage. [Towle Road]

“Vanity Fair had 2.5 percent less pages (222), and W dropped to 246, or 4 percent. Glamour, which underwent a redesign in March, lost 35 pages to 205, a 16 percent decrease. Lucky, with a relatively new publisher in Marcy Bloom, had a “challenging” September, in the words of a spokeswoman. The magazine’s pages fell to 136, a 26 percent decline. McEwen’s Self had 90 pages in all, or 2.3 percent off from last year, though it officially overtook its chief competitor, Shape, which had 77 pages, a 22 percent drop from last September, according to Media Industry Newsletter.” [WWD]

Kate Middleton wore blue jeans from Zara to greet the Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace. [Grazia]

Richard Branson sues eco-label “I Am Not A Virgin” for copy right infringement. [Vogue UK]

Azealia Banks for Alexander Wang video! We’ll take it! [Huh]

Mindy Kaling hung out with Tavi on the Rookie Road Trip. [Instagram]

Does the fashion critic even matter anymore? [BoF]

This all- female firm raised $40 million in institutional fund. Girl power! [WSJ]

Why  Facebook’s stock is tanking. [Mashable]

In case you are so interested in the sports part, here are the “fashion” Olympics. [Vogue UK]

[Image credit: Zimbio]


  1. Profile photo of ZhenyaH
    ZhenyaH says:

    Oh she is gorgeous :) Look at those legs!

    Zhenya @ http://beingzhenya.wordpress.com/

  2. Profile photo of Kholá
    Kholá says:

    My obsession with the Duchess continues…..:-)

  3. The duchess looks very slim, however she also looks fit and healthy.

    It’s great to see that she always has a smile on her face.

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