5 Funny Fashion Tumblrs You Should Follow
By: Chelsea Burcz

Real Men Swear
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I have to admit, as much as I love fashion, there are some pretty ridiculous aspects of it. Every once and a while it’s nice to sit back and have a chuckle at what we take so seriously — so, without further ado, check out these hilarious fashion related Tumblrs that we can’t get enough of.

1. Real Men Swear – a cheeky, cartoony approach to menswear

2. Shoe Kitten – designer shoes, cute kittens, and GIFs, what more could you ask for?

3. Nerd Boyfriend – how your favorite men of history dressed, and how you can dress your less cool boyfriend the same way

4. Rich Kids of Instagram – technically not a “fashion” Tumblr, but trust us, many of the posts have to do with extravagant shopping

5. What Should We Call Me Fashion - all the amazing things you love about the original Tumblr, now related to fashionable situations


  1. Aimée says:

    OK, the Rich Kids of Instagram infuriates me, but What Should We Call Me Fashion makes up for it.

  2. Ana says:

    Real Men Swear got me laughing, especially with this The Sartorialist post :D .

    And just 7 pages? Yes! I love it when I can go through all the archives of a good blog.

  3. MissCalli says:

    Great ones! Freddy had the ultimate style :-)

  4. Profile photo of bugwear
    bugwear says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Real Men Swear is inspired. I have now joined Tumblr just for that. I think there’s plenty room for humour in fashion but unfortunately I just don’t see very much of it – thanks for posting these! Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

  5. Profile photo of Rivan Harits
    Rivan Harits says:

    gosh, The real men swear can’t hold my L lil less O L hahahahaha

  6. Emily Ulrich says:

    Number 3 is slaying me. Oh my god. Pure genius. I love when people poke the humorous stick at fashion.

  7. Profile photo of alex castle
    alex castle says:

    Aaah love the first one!!

  8. Profile photo of Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Real Men Swear is probably my personal fave from that bunch! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Profile photo of missus X
    missus X says:

    Had me smiling the biggest today. :D

  10. Profile photo of
    Minori says:

    OMG! Madly in love about shoe kitten tumblr!!! Great listing <3

  11. Profile photo of Mr Essentialist

    Love this – my favorite is Real Men Swear!

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