21 Professional Social Media Titles That Should Exist
By: Chelsea Burcz

Social Media Professional Title
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While social media can be an excellent and innovative way to market yourself or a brand, sometimes we forget that it can be fun too. To poke fun at ourselves, here’s a list of twenty one social media titles we think should exist  – here’s to not taking ourselves too seriously!

- VP – Vice Pinner

- Tweeter-in-Chief

- Curatorial Chief of Hashtags

- Cat Meme Strategist

- Professional Filter Finder

- RT Reach Director

- Operating Facebook Futurist

- Pinner Extrordanaire

- Chief Officer of Finding Future Foursquare Check-ins

- Like Aggregator

- Piniologist

- Head of Tumbling and Reblogging

- Professional Giffer

- Pin-sta-twee-book Specialist

- Social Media Stylist

- Communicative Director of Follows and Unfollows

- Director of Curation in Instagram Filters and Strategy

- Creative Consultant of Curatorial Materials within Instagram

- Ambassador of Artistic Accoutrements of Pinterest

- Giff Guru

- Personal Operator of Repins and Retweets

By: Chelsea Burcz

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  1. Hilarious! I love Pin-sta-twee-book Specialist! However, I’ll stick to Creator =)

    Twitter: @FXW12

  2. Avatar of shortystoriesgal

    I call myself “webitor-in-chief”

  3. Audrwey says:

    I love the ” Cat Meme Strategist” !!! lol

  4. Avatar of TheAsiaMonique

    LOLOL! Too funny! Loved this!

    -Asia Monique

  5. Anuli says:

    I call dibs on “Cat Meme Strategist.” I’d be purrrfect!

  6. Mariana L says:

    That is hilarious. Updating my MOO cards to “Social Media Strategist”.

  7. Avatar of StrangerThanVintage

    I want to be someone’s Vice Pinner SO bad! Although I guess currently I’m a Pin-sta-twee-book Specialist. Better than nothing I suppose.

  8. Pinner Extrordanaire is a great title name

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