Wake Up Round Up: Condé Nast Invests in Digital Advertising Company Flite
By: Chelsea Burcz

Solange Knowles
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Solange Knowles (yes, Beyo’s baby sister and musician) takes over Alexa Chung’s position as the face of Madewell. [Grazia]

This app will make your photos LESS hipstery… wait, what? [Mashable]

It’s a face-off between Suri Cruise and Alexa Chung. [Grazia]

Condé Nast, the high-end magazine publisher, announced on Monday that it is joining the cloud. [New York Times]

“Widgets are now appearing on select pages of Seventeen.com, prompting users to ‘Shop Now’ in support of Stomp Out Bullying, a not-for-profit anti-bullying program for kids and teens. Underneath this article about eco-friendly beauty products, for instance, is a carousel of related products readers are encouraged to purchase to benefit the non-profit.” [Mashable]

According to Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist: “Recently I’ve been saying that we’re heading back to hieroglyphics. We’ve come full circle. You can have a Tumblr and not write anything, just put images, and people have a sense of who you are, what you like. It’s your take on the world, based on the visual.” [Tank Magazine]

Cindy Crawford models her own clothing line. [Vogue UK]

Magic in Las Vegas, at a glance. [WWD]

Alison Mosshart thought Karl Lagerfeld was a statue in Paris. [Vogue UK]

How your leather jacket is destroying the earth… rut roh. [Good]

On technology and marketing: “Simplicity is what consumers want, what marketers need, and what standard-bearers such as Apple and Google have shown as the way forward.” [Mashable]

[Image credit: Madewell]



  1. Sierra Leone says:

    Love love love Solange.
    She’s on the brink of something bigger than her.
    Baby steps.

  2. Profile photo of Julia Sunderland

    Haha that de-hipsterize app is jokes… Love instagram though, dontcha agree?

    Julia xx


  3. Profile photo of My Pretty Addictions

    Solange is so unique and I don’t think a lot of people understand it. I just love her style!


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