IFB & HelloStyle Host First Ever Live Fashion & Beauty Blogger YouTube Hang Out
By: Amanda Boyce

HelloStyle Google Hangout
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Get excited, guys! IFB, Marie Claire & Hello Style will be hosting the first ever live Fashion & Beauty Blogger YouTube Hang Out today at 3:30pm EST, broadcasting live on Hello Style’s YouTube channel.

Talking fall trends & tips from top fashion bloggers including Jessica Harlow, Lindsey Calla, Karen Blanchard, Gabi Gregg, Kate Arends, Alicia Lund and IFB Founder Jennine Jacobs, the YouTube Hang Out is open for everyone to watch and we hope you tune in. Who knows, you might some more exclusive scoop on next week’s upcoming IFBCON (did you get your tickets yet?)

When: Today, August 30, 2012 at 3:30pm EST

Where: Hello Style’s YouTube channel

Who: Jessica Harlow, Lindsey Calla, Karen Blanchard, Gabi Gregg, Kate Arends, Alicia Lund and IFB Founder Jennine Jacobs,

We will see you at 3:30pm EST!



  1. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Wait, August 28 or August 30th? I hope it is today, so I did not miss it!

  2. Toni Styles says:

    Great! So happy I’m seeing this – just after 3pm! Exciting – I’ll be watching. :)

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

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