Meet the IFBCON Speakers
By: Amanda Boyce

new york fashion
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Bloggers, brands, editors, you name it, they will be at this week’s IFBCON.

new york fashion

With over 40 panelists, it’s our biggest event to-date and the only conference that has your favorite bloggers from all across the globe and digital community. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet (on sale now), take a look at our impressive roster and if you have bought tickets, why not get to know our panelists just a little better? You will love them as much as we do.


Panel 1, Future of Fashion moderated by Lauren Drell brought to you by ShopStyle

Panel 2, Business of Blogging moderated by Lindsey Calla brought to you by Stipple

Panel 3, How to Make Friends and Win Readers, moderated by Sade Strehlke

Panel 4, The New Entrepreneur moderated by Nichelle Pace brought to you by Rakuten Linkshare

Panel 5, Journalism vs. Blogging moderated by Susan Cernek

Panel 6, Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging moderated by Nicolette Mason


Sending out a huge, special thanks to our #IFBCON Sponsors: MailChimp, Lockerz, Rakuten Linkshare, Glimpse, bareMinerals, Uncommon, ShopStyle, Saks Fifth Avenue, Channel Nine by Nine West, Kmart Fashion, Stipple, Chromatic Gallerie, Qwiki, Netrobe VitaCoCo, Monster Products, Stoli,  Julep, Netrobe, People Magazine, MediaBistro, HelloStyle, Warby Parker, Magnolia’s Bakery, COTY Prestige, ONA Bags, Foley & Corinna, and Luna Bars.


  1. Avatar of
    T. S. Swedish says:

    Gosh I seriously wish I could attend this year!! Maybe next year! I’m just so busy paying off my undergrad and getting into grad school!


  2. Avatar of Victoria
    Victoria says:

    It all sounds so exciting! I wish I could go.

  3. Avatar of roisin o'connell

    awww wish i could go boohoo

  4. Avatar of Sheryl Blasnik

    Looking forward to meeting all these fab people!! IFBCON here I come..

    Sheryl Blasnik

  5. Avatar of Lola
    Lola says:

    I can’t wait to meet everyone.

  6. Avatar of
    Emily says:

    Unfortunately I can’t make it to the IFB Con :( i’m so bummed! However, it would really mean the world to me if you guys took a second to read this and help spread the word for a fellow IFB member! Thanks so much:

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    Anyways, thanks for sticking around to the end of this post (I know it’s long!). I really hope that together we can get me to 200 followers! Thank you guys SO much, in advance. I love you all.

    XX, Emily






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