Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso Talks E-Commerce After The Cushnie et Ochs Show
By: Chelsea Burcz

Sophia Amoruso
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Sophia Amoruso is not only the coolest-looking girl on the block, but her natural business smarts has made her e-commerce website, Nasty Gal, the “the fastest-growing company in Los Angeles and the fastest-growing retail company period.Pretty impressive, eh?

We bumped into Amoruso outside of Milk Studios after the Cushnie et Ochs show and got a chance to ask her about the future of e-commerce and how bloggers have helped her in her success.

You started off Nasty Gal in a way that’s relatable to bloggers in the sense that you were styling girls and taking pictures of them and posting it on the internet to sell your vintage clothes. You changed the way people view e-commerce. Where do you see the e-commerce going in the future?

“I think people understand the power of editorial, and I think magazines have understood it for a long time. And then the first players selling clothing on the internet were department stores… they were putting clothes on models as though they were mannequins, but it doesn’t work the same way. Taking cues from bloggers and just realizing that people want to see clothing displayed in a way they can relate to and on real people. And I think that’s why bloggers have made such big careers from wearing other people’s clothes — it’s way more relatable than when a model wears it.”

Is that why you decided to use real people in your campaigns in the beginning?

“It wasn’t — it was more that I didn’t have money to pay a real model. It was kind of by necessity. I wouldn’t have even known how to hire a model, even if I had money to pay for one…But it worked out.”

I also feel like bloggers embraced Nasty Gal before it became really popular. Do you think bloggers had any part in your success?

“I definitely do. We don’t have a blogger program, but they seem to gravitate towards us because of the way we style things. For a while a lot of the models looked like them… we still dress them like they are real people going somewhere. So I think there is a symbiotic relationship with bloggers having maybe been inspired by Nasty Gal in the beginning, but also with me watching what bloggers are doing, paying attention to emerging trends. There are things that they will take chances on.”

See photos from inside the Cushnie et Ochs show below:


  1. Profile photo of Miss City Chic
    Miss City Chic says:

    honestly such amazing tips and i love nastygal!!!!!

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    MARIA_stilist says:

    A succes story worth to know and worth to follow.
    regards ,
    M aria

  3. Profile photo of Maria Alejandra
    Maria Alejandra says:

    She’s definitely my ultimate inspiration: Such an Entrepreneur, such a natural innovator. Nasty Gal made me realize fashion isn’t just pretty clothes on pretty girls, fashion is about relating to whom we really are, discovering our alter egos. And I definitely love my Nasty Egos. So thanks for that Miss Nasty. U Rock!!

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    Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn says:

    Sophia is such an inspiration! Looks like an amazing show!

    xx lauren

  5. Profile photo of Irina Dorn
    Irina Dorn says:

    Love her story, so similar to mine. When you don’t have money, you come up with the best and most brilliant things, never underestimate the power of necessity :)

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