Content Marketing: 3 Ways To Do It Right
By: Chelsea Burcz

Content Marketing: 3 Ways To Do It Right
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Content marketing! We know you’ve heard about it — but how do you do it? And why is it important?

Content marketing is sharing valuable content with your readers alongside a sponsorship. It can be a beneficial tool when working with brands on your blog — and here’s why:

What does the brand get out of it? The goal of a brand using content marketing is to tap into prospective customers and turn them into repeat buyers. By having their brand featured within or alongside content that attracts a certain audience — most likely a specific demographic they are attempting to reach — they are gaining the customer’s trust. Ultimately, the brand hopes that, like a loyal reader, the loyal customer return to the brand over and over again.

What does the blogger get out of it? For the blogger, content marketing provides a way of working with brands and monetization that doesn’t scream “THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT!” like a banner might. You’re still providing your readers with content that is “read worthy” that you wrote — and as long as you announce the post is sponsored or affiliated with a brand (as the FTC guidelines states), it’s kosher.

What does the reader get out of it? With content marketing, the reader sticks around and actually reads the sponsored post because, unlike a typical advertisement, they gain something out of it. They are still entertained and informed, theoretically.

To give you a visual of how content marketing can work, see a few stellar examples we found below:

1. Oh Joy teamed up with HomeMint to make a video version of her “This & That” written column. The reader gets tips on design, decoration, and fashion in a cute, fun video format. HomeMint benefits since she uses some of their products to illustrate her point.

2. DesignLoveFest paired up with eBay and used content marketing through outfit posts. The outfits she chose match her overall aesthetic and style, and the post is written in her own words. EBay’s sponsorship is announced, along with it’s logo, at the bottom.

3. The Glamourai joined forces with Flirt! cosmetics to compose a post about “back to school beauty.” The model in the photos is the winner of a previous contest that was put together also with Flirt!. Here, the readers are still getting tips from the blogger about how to style looks and make up, but she uses Flirt! products to give instruction.

Have you used content marketing on your blog or considered it? How did it go for you?

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  1. Profile photo of Tovah
    Tovah says:

    I love it. I’ve been trying to do that kind of thing for awhile now. I think I need to study up a litte bit more on it, however.

  2. I’ve had a number of brands approach me but I only work with ones that I have personally bought from or would buy from. I’ve had an overall positive experience. It’s nice working with a brand you have respect for and fostering that relationship. My advice to my blog friends had been to remain true to yourself and readers when it comes to things like this. My latest post of this nature was styling a handbag for Australian brand LouenHide View the post here

    New Giveaway on the Blog!

  3. Profile photo of Rachel
    Rachel says:

    These examples really help to get the point across, love it!

  4. Profile photo of Sarah Loves
    Sarah Loves says:

    I’ve always been a be wary with sponsored content but I guess so long as its all in your own words and views that it can work. These examples have really inspired me to consider it in the future. :)

    Sarah x

  5. Profile photo of Kat McCarthy
    Kat McCarthy says:

    As a Miche Bag Representative, I often use bags from the Miche line to demonstrate fashion tips and advice. I’m not sure this is exactly Brand sponsored, but I find it works well for both customers looking for Miche as well as fashion readers looking for styling tips. I provide links to purchase the items, but try not to make every post all about selling.

  6. Profile photo of Ana
    Ana says:

    I am wondering is it ok to put that the post was sponsored if you didn’t get paid or didn’t get anything in return? Or is it just if you received an item or got paid?

    Thank you

  7. Abuzar says:

    I read your article its very helpful for me for writing contents and also helpful for me information about product .I also creat blog for cufflinks please give suggestion any improvemnets

  8. i like this a lot – although, some blogs over do this… and they lose their own voice and my trust in the process. these types of posts must be disclosed and they can’t happen frequently.

    i’d be curious about what brands think about this and if they see a ROI? i would also be curious what the compensation is for this type of post. right now, i have a brand pushing for a traditional advert on my blog in exchange for product. i would prefer to go the content marketing route, but they aren’t interested in this. i find this funny since i would believe my readers would be way more receptive to this type of “advert”.

    perfect timing on this info article, ifb – thanks!

  9. Profile photo of Onianwah
    Onianwah says:

    I totally love this post and it has exploded my mind into so many particles. Thank you so much for this.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  10. I always like to read a quality content having accurate information regarding the content marketing. Thanks for sharing.

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