What Your Instagram Readers Want: 5 Tricks to Getting Likes
By: Amanda Boyce

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From research to keeping up with brands to seeing what the IFB community is up to, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. It’s not surprising, considering how much of a visual person I am. Ever since Instagram started years ago, I was on board and loved how it has been able to bring real moments from around the world into my world. All through a small screen. From all my time on Instagram, I have noticed a few things about the Instagram user and what he/she likes.

I figured it might be funny and educational to learn the habits of an Instagram user, especially if you are looking to grow your fan-base and increase likes on each ‘gram. Take notes and get ready, your fans are waiting!

1. Cats: Who knew that cats were such a big thing? Apparently cats were made for social. Honestly, I see photos of cats like this and this and they rack up serious likes. Why? Because they are cute and cuddly. Who wouldn’t fan a at ‘gram?

2. Doughnuts: The Internet has a serious addiction to doughnuts. What is it about these fried, sweet things that make us go weak in the knees and hit the “like” button? I guess we all need a little sweet treat each day and who are we to deny that? (Doughnut-gram, doughnut-gram).

3. Nails: Nails were made for Instagram apparently. Easy to digest, likeable and totally graphic, nail art is easy to share and fans go crazy for it.

4. Anything Karl-Lagerfeld inspired: Listen, I get it. The Karl is such a fashion personality. He is fun to watch, even more fun to laugh at (or with). And who doesn’t love his kookiness?!

5. New York: I may be biased but I consider New York to be the best city in the entire world and I think the Internet agrees with me. Instagram users like NewYorkCity are able to gain 500k Instagram followers by simply showing the beauty of the city to everyone. And you know what? I get it. Bold, bright and always vibrant, Instagram users have a serious crush on this city.


What do you think about the Instagram user’s behavior? Have you seen a trend on Instagram that we should mention? And more importantly, which is your favorite kind of Instagram?




  1. Isla says:

    I like when people post outfits that never made it to their blogs. I’m not crazy about the other stuff.

  2. Avatar of WorkOfStyle
    WorkOfStyle says:

    Haha that’s very true! It’s easy to get what people want to see, we’re all the same. The hit pictures are those who show these SWEET LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE: show people delicious food, adorable animals, stunning landscapes/city views or gorgeous fashion, and they’ll all hit the like button. Me the first ;)

  3. Avatar of Allie
    Allie says:

    For some reason, I tend to like a lot of pictures of Starbucks! I must just be conditioned by the logo.

    Hilariously though, my most liked photo is of some polka dot toilet paper!

  4. WendyB says:

    So excited to see Jennine’s awesome photo of FitzRoy Brandes — who, OF COURSE, is the main thing on my Instagram AND has his own Tumblr: http://fitzroythecat.tumblr.com/

  5. Avatar of Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    I’m kind of over the nail photos. They are so overdone and not original at all. : /

  6. Avatar of in Wonder Underground

    Its hard not to like cats. I’m impartial to everything else but cats.

  7. I´m a new Instagram user and love it. (@SpeedTutorial)
    But I don´t have a cat and carl stuff. I´m a guy so my nails aren´t that insteresting ;P And I´m from germany – New York is so far away :(
    But maybe I can find some other good things to post there.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  8. Avatar of CynthiaCM
    Cynthia says:

    I post a lot of food-related images (my main blog is considered “lifestyle” so there are frequent dining-related posts) on my Instagram, with some style-related ones as well. Love photographing stuff I eat!

    @delectablychic on Instagram

  9. agreed! hmm I guess I should get a cat and eat more doughnuts :P

  10. Irene says:

    I love Instgram!

    I use it as a way for my readers to get to know me more personally outside of my blog which is 90% focused on stylish size 12 women’s shoes.

    People that follow me (@fxw12) on Instagram get a peak at some of my outfits, foodporn since I love to cook, my music, MACARONS!! because I love those and of course SHOES! I normally highlight my very top picks from my blog post.

    One thing that I do find interesting is that the prevalent colors in my photos (pink purple green and gold) match my blog and my house and my wardrobe. At least I can say I’m consistent and authentic! Lol

  11. Mayra says:

    Got it move to New York get a cat paint nails with Karls face while eating donuts likes galore hahaha cute post!

    -Your fellow instagram addict MommyNheels

  12. Kristiina says:

    I gotta say, as someone who is obsessed with my two kitties, they are by far the most popular thing on my instagram feed. I love nail polish but I have to agree with the above commenter nail art pics are kind of over.

  13. Maria says:

    Agree and disagree. I’d say macaroons and cakes are THE WAY more popular than donuts. Also dogs and babies are a big hit. Flat lays will get more likes than your face (unless you’re Coco Rocha). Nails are always get lots of like and the nail art trend is still strong (look up 2013 season fashion reports).

    I managed to grow significantly my @crashingred Instagram account since I started paying attention to what I’m posting. Also, I started new Instagram @so_nailicious that got about 100 followers within a few das since its inception (mind you I haven’t even promoted it via my main blog channels). So those who say nails are not cool… let them continue think so and we’ll be capitalizing on our nail polishes ;)

    Feel free to follow @CrashingRed and @So_Nailicious and make sure u say HI!! I’d love to meet and follow new Instagrammers xx

  14. Cats? What about dogs???

  15. Trisha says:

    I guess I’m the odd man out because I can’t stand to see cats on instagram. Like what is the purpose? Maybe I’m more of a dog person so I’m impartial but I don’t need to see 10 pic of whiskers playing with his toy. What I do love to see is people living their lives. Like you went on a run and you saw the coolest leaf and you thought you’d share it with the would. Stuff like that with a store behind it and are real life stuff get my like.


  16. I think that people have a crush on macaroons, Chanel an LV bags, tea rooms and closets (both shoes and clothes). Well, everything gravitates around fashion :)

  17. Avatar of Nina
    Nina says:

    I think #1 should be changed to all-ridiculously-cute-creatures in general because as much as I think cats are cute (and will like pictures of them on Instagram), I’m more of a puppy person. And who can resist bunnies? Or sloths!


  18. Avatar of Hale Nicole
    Hale Nicole says:

    Haha who knew people on instagram like pictures of kitties ^_^

  19. Aleksandra says:

    Well, I’ve got a mean question: have you ever been to Europe? Or any other continent? There’s a lot of better places than New York.

  20. Avatar of Courtney Jines

    I’ve definitely got plenty of cat and travel photos, with a few nail photos too! Including my nails painted as little cats! (Best of both worlds)

    Instagram: MoonKittyyy

  21. Avatar of boxersadventures

    Indeed! OOTD obsession! Everything from Céline to Alexander Wang…


    Boxer’s Adventures International Blog

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