Tailor Your Social Media Content to Each Channel
By: Taylor Davies

social media, tips
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social media, tips

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re sharing your blog content (or anything, really) on social media, that you’re basically just going through the motions? Have you lost your mojo, your voice and your interest in throwing out a jazzy lead-in?

Snap out of it!

Social media is such a powerful sharing tool, and one that can be pretty dang fun, too. Part of what leads us to “no mojo land” is a lack of response from followers, right? Why try if your efforts aren’t resonating with your peers? Well, try this on for size: each social media channel has a different personality.

People want different things from Twitter than from Facebook, which are different still from Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Tailoring your messaging for each social media outlet requires a little extra effort, yes. A little more creative juice. But, if you know what kind of content your followers want to see, creating it gets a bit easier, freeing up more brain power for puns, amazing adjectives and adverbs and totally “like”-worthy photos. To give you a better idea, here’s a breakdown of what content works for each specific platform.

social media tips

  • Facebook = Storytelling, Personal, Shareable.

Facebook’s content requires a better understanding of your readers. You don’t want to just capture their attention; you want to engage them. Your fans are already reading your content on your blog. So they come to your Facebook page for something more than just content. They want to hear a story, they want to see something that makes them laugh. Just think about your own Facebook behavior. You don’t want your newsfeed clogged with news (or maybe you do, depending on the brands you follow). The point is your Facebook Content needs to be story-driven with a firm call-to-action. For instance, tell your fans about an outfit post that will work for them in this situation and keep it sweet, concise. Create and use graphics as much as possible as these images draw your reader in. If you need just a little more help with your Facebook content, read our previous post about engaging the community in 5 ways.


social media tips

  • Twitter = News-oriented, easily digestible, topical, headline-driven

Remember when we said social media is the new newsroom? Well, Twitter in particular is very news-oriented. Every morning, I scan my feed for a dose of what’s going on in the world and by following important influencers, I’m able to get the gist of what is happening. Twitter is a 24/7 machine and that means that your content needs to reflect the platform’s fast personality. Make your post titles more headline-driven, tell your readers why they should care, and limit the number of characters used as much as possible.


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  • Pinterest = Lifestyle-focused, inspiring

Like a magazine, when it comes to Pinterest, your readers just want to be inspired, learn something new, and dive into a visual fantasy. Bright large photos are key here and if you lay text over your pictures, you are more likely to get repins and likes. Pinterest is basically a storyboard for your blog. Give your readers the entire novel, not just a snippet aka don’t just pin a photo of a product, give them the entire photo with product included.


social media tips


  • Instagram = Personal, eye-opening

Instagram is like your own backstage-pass to a brand’s operation. You want to see what is happening behind the scenes, what they are working on, who THEY are. Take those same elements and desires that you have and flip it for your readers. Maybe instead of just showing an outfit post, show the process that goes on behind it? Give them a glimpse of the materials and stores you’re scouting. Remember, your fans want to feel like they are a part of the story so create graphics that give them an almost exclusive look into your life. We briefly wrote about what your Instagram readers want, just in case you need more insight and tricks.


It seems like a lot of work, tailoring your content to fit each channel. But with a little work, you will see your readers come out in flocks. It’s amazing what strong content can do, right?



  1. Amber says:

    This is a fantastic post.
    All these different social media outlets can seem a bit overwhelming at times, do you post the same image EVERYWHERE, or do you have different content for each channel?

    I need to spend more time on Instragram though, for sure.

  2. Bee says:

    As someone getting back into business mode, this post is a ‘keeper’. I feel like I need to get up-to-speed on Instagram. Thanks for the explanations.

  3. Profile photo of Rhythm and Ruffle

    Very cool post! I’m usually confused as to what goes where with social media channels – but this is the breakthrough I needed; love it lots! xo

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  4. Profile photo of Sarah's Real Life

    This is actually really helpful! I used to get more click throughs from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and in the past few weeks it’s been trailing off (although my traffic from other sources has increased). I think maybe I’m in a rut! I used to be better about tailoring for each platform and maybe I’ve stopped thinking these things through. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Sarah’s Real Life

  5. Jacy says:

    This was a fantastic article! I’m thinking of so many new strategies to try and I can’t wait to implement them! Thank you.

  6. Benita says:

    To all fashion blog readers: YOUR OPINION MATTERS!

    For my thesis about fashion blogs I need your opinion. I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out my short questionnaire. You can win H&M and Asos vouchers.


    Thank you so much!

  7. Profile photo of acrewd
    acrewd says:

    I agree, this is such a helpful post. I feel sometimes like I’m trying to get a one size fits all message out there, but the mediums are so different. I’m trying to create a different Pinterest environment than my FB and Instagram and this makes me feel I’m moving in the right direction.


  8. Ana says:

    You mention Tumblr in the introductory part, but it’s missing from the main part of the article. Is it just me?

  9. Profile photo of Onianwah
    Onianwah says:

    This is an awesome post and it works too. I use different strategies for my various platforms and I see positive results from them all.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  10. Profile photo of
    Paloma says:

    Link Love + Update to this Week’s Facebook Post

  11. Joanne Mason says:

    This is such a good and resoucefull read! I love the tips and plan on applying them to my social media platforms.

    Thanks and keep up the great work:)

    xo, Joanne

  12. Profile photo of Rena A Thompson {The Style Gospel}

    What do you think about having your twitter comments automatically update to your Facebook blog page? I find a lot of of people on facebook aren’t on twitter anyway so it’s nice to cut time by not having to post separately. I do try to occasionally post things on fb that are not on twitter, but keeping up with everything is so time consuming/exhausting. Yay or nay on the automatic feeds from twitter to facebook?

    Rena @ the Style Gospel

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