IFB Project #69: #WalkOn With Stuart Weitzman & Win A Pair of Shoes
By: Taylor Davies

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Something happens on city streets when the sun goes down. The rhythm of the traffic changes, the mood of each neighborhood shifts, inviting mischief, romance and the kind of glamour best illuminated by street lights and stars.

If you’re anything like us, when it’s time to hit the town the first thing you reach for in your closet is the perfect, sexy-meets-sophisticated, double-take inducing pair of shoes. Your after hours style is sleek, chic and built from the ground up (literally), much like that of Petra Nemcova in the original video series for Stuart Weitzman’s “Walking After Midnight” campaign, created by James Franco.

For this week’s project, Stuart Weitzman and IFB are teaming up and inviting you to showcase your favorite evening shoes and share them in a post. We encourage you to use original photography and create a photoshoot that highlights your dressy after-dark style – but if you’re more of a collage, or, dare-we-say-it, video blogger – go for it! You can also share your post on Instagrams for this project using the #WalkOn hashtag.

If you need some inspiration to get you started, check out our “Evening Style” Pinterest board, dedicated to our favorite after-hours looks and inspirations.

Submit a link to your post below, and on Friday, October 26th, we will announce our 5 favorite submissions, and each of those bloggers will win a fabulous, night-on-the-town-worthy pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes.

*No payment or purchase is necessary to enter or win. Neither a purchase nor a payment will improve chances of winning. You are not a winner yet. Void where prohibited. The sweepstakes is open only to those 18 or older, or the age of maturity in your state, province or territory.



  1. Avatar of dulcie
    dulcie says:

    Oooh this looks fun! Hope I get an opportunity to do this this week! :) x


  2. Donna says:

    This DOES sound like fun! I’d do a video if we had more time.

  3. Avatar of June
    June says:

    Is this open worldwide?

  4. Avatar of Kimberly Mango

    Score! I’ll definitely be participating in this one! I love Stuart’s shoes!


  5. Avatar of Bree
    Bree says:

    So entering my post in tomorrow! <3

  6. So exciting! :) I’ll submit my post tomorrow night. Thank you guys!

  7. Avatar of Bree
    Bree says:

    Just entered! Hope you enjoy my post! <3

  8. Avatar of Clouds
    Clouds says:

    Deadline is Friday Oct 26 right? What time zone? Gonna submit mine in approx 9h, hope’s not gonna be too late <3

  9. Mara says:

    crossing my fingers!! Love Stuart Weitzman!!

  10. I submitted a post that was written earlier this year, because the collage at the end of it is my NYC night time look to a tee, black dress, super hot handbag and check out the smoking red shoes! – http://www.ascendingbutterfly.com/2012/07/beauty-sos-sending-out-beauty-bat.html

    I wasn’t sure if you wanted a new post written exclusively for this contest, or if a pre-existing post was OK so long as it featured a night time theme?

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  11. Avatar of Marina Martinez

    When will you announce the winners!? Or have you already…

    • Emilie says:

      Can’t wait for the winners to be announced! I was so excited to participate, I’ve been stalking IFB’s Twitter feed and website for a week waiting for an update ;)

  12. Stephany says:

    When will the winners be announced?

  13. Avatar of Trisha Jones
    Trisha Jones says:

    winning these shoes would be a highpoint in my slightly absurd leopard print fetish!!!! Thanks for the opp.

  14. dubai model says:

    Uhh, I’m crazy about animal print shoes!!!

  15. Clouds says:

    Yes, I’m wondering too, when are the winners going to be announced and where? Or have they been already?

  16. kado pasutri says:

    thanks for this awesome web page

  17. Nice share
    this looks fun! Hope I get an opportunity to do this this week

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