Gadget Of The Week: GorillaPod Tripod for Cameras
By: Taylor Davies

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Happy Tuesday! We’re testing out a new feature on IFB, where we introduce you all to some cool-meets-fashionable gadgets. Everything we feature will be geared towards the stylish blogger who’s tech-savvy, too!

The Gadget: GorillaPod Tripod

The cost: $19.95 – $49.95

What it does: A flexible, adaptable camera tripod that grips surfaces and adjusts for any kind of terrain where you might want to find balance for the perfect still shot or video.

Why we picked it: We like this tool because it’s so versatile. On their site you can find the GorillaPod that works best with your camera (point-and-shoot, SLR, etc). The legs flex and bend to wrap around a surface or stand straight on uneven terrain. To give it even more stability, you can buy Spike Feet (for about $7) that attach to the legs for traction in sand, snow and soft ground. Tripods help produce great photos, and a tripod that can function in places other than a flat surface? Genius!

Bonus: They also sell a nifty gadget called the GripTight Mount that attaches to any tripod and adjusts for any smart phone, making it a breeze to take high-quality, super still video and photos.

[Image credit: JOBY]


  1. Avatar of Elissa
    Elissa says:

    I use this and I love it!! I will have to upgrade to a heavier duty model when I get a DSLR but it works really well with my point and shoot. I didn’t know about the extra grippy feet, will have to look into those! I tend to put mine on a lot of hand rails/trees/etc.

  2. Avatar of Rhythm and Ruffle

    This is so cool; I think I’ll have to get this, when I get my DSLR! <3

  3. Avatar of Nasreen
    Nasreen says:

    OoOoh i had something like this! very handy and not to mention looks awesome and creative :D

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