Fashion Blogger News Round Up: The Truth Behind the Givenchy and H&M Rumored Collaboration
By: Amanda Boyce

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What is happening in the industry that you need to know about? Find out in our morning news roundup.

  • Remember when everyone on social media was talking about a potential Givenchy x HM collaboration? Yea, that’s false. [Fashionista]
  • Mobile payments on PayPal were up 196% on Cyber Monday, demonstrating mobile’s power during the holiday season. [PayPal]
  • What’s the most important parts of a business plan? Answering the, Who, What, Where, How and Why [WSJ]
  • Want to send Christmas Carolers and actress Alice Eve to someone’s doorstep? Stella Artois has an app for that. [Mashable]
  • Kate Moss was spotted wearing two new Saint Laurent looks while in Paris. Commence the swooning. [NYMAG]


Photo via H&M



  1. Avatar of Nasreen
    Nasreen says:

    disappointed :( imagine how amazing that collaboration would’ve been!

  2. Avatar of Ruxandra
    Ruxandra says:

    It would have been amazing !! :(

  3. Avatar of boyfromdagbon

    that would have been an interesting collaboration!

  4. FreeUrCloset says:

    Oh, I was looking forward to that collaboration. I’m both disappointed and hopeful they change their minds.

  5. Avatar of Adrienne Nguyen

    Hopefully this happens in the future!

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