IFB Poll: Who Takes Your Blog Photos?
By: Taylor Davies

who takes your blogs photos
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Call us overly-curious, but we always want to know more about the bloggers who are reading our site. That’s why we run these polls and encourage you to comment on IFB posts. Lately we’ve been awfully curious about blog photography.

When you decide to start a blog, especially one that focuses on personal style, it’s easy to forget that component of actually getting your photos taken. Will you ask your friends? Use a tri-pod and do it yourself? Is your significant other a budding photographer?

We want to know who takes your blog photos – so answer our poll question and leave a comment about how and why you found your photographer!

Who takes your blog photos?

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  1. Avatar of Sarah's Real Life

    You’re kind of leaving out your gay female and straight male bloggers by including “husband/boyfriend” as an option but not “wife/girlfriend.” With these options, I can’t really answer the poll – and I’m sure I’m not the only one :)

    Sarah’s Real Life

  2. The poll only allows for one selection… a combination of people take photos for my blog. I don’t live close to my mother, but any time we’re in the same place, I pack extra clothes so she can get outfit shots. I also coax my boyfriend to take outfit photos with cookies and back rubs… these pictures don’t really turn out because I’m laughing the entire time. I take the remaining photos that focus on details. The three of us are a good photog team.

  3. Avatar of Maya
    Maya says:

    I made my boyfriend take the photo’s, but any photo where I’m not pictured myself is taking by me. I love photography myself so I love to be behind the camera every once and a while too :D plus I’ve also experimented with a tripod and sometimes I ask other people (like my mom) to shoot photo’s when my boyfriend is occupied but he shoots my outfit blogposts 95% of the time

  4. Avatar of Sarah G.
    Sarah G. says:

    I always usually take my photos by myself :) I use a tripod and my SLR’s timer, when I’m out its usually who ever I’m with that takes my photos but that’s pretty rare. :)


  5. Avatar of Aleksandra
    Aleksandra says:

    I would love my boyfriend to take pictures of me, but either is “not in the mood” or “doesn’t have time”, frustrating. My asked my brother but he’s just a kid and gets bored by stuff like that really quickly. So there’s only one opportunity for me: tripod…


  6. Avatar of Ajda Sitar
    Ajda Sitar says:

    Most of my outfit photos are taken by my good friend (she is a newie in photography). Some of them also by my boyfriend. However, I also post some of my modelling work; the photos are taken by the professional photographers. Covering the events, the organizers have their own photographer,s so I use their photos too.


  7. Avatar of Sarah Loves
    Sarah Loves says:

    I started out taking photos myself with a self timer, tripod and a point and shoot camera in the garden. I now have my boyfriend take my photos for me and they are so must easier and quicker to shoot. They work tons better for my blog too.

    Sarah x

  8. Bevin says:

    My boyfriend and I are actually both photographers (convenient!), so he takes my outfit photos, which I then edit, and I do the rest entirely myself. I feel lucky that we both have this background in photography, but, actually, knowing that getting high quality photos wasn’t a problem was part of what drew me to start a blog in the first place.


  9. nionvox says:

    I do…but i’m also a professional photographer :P

  10. Avatar of Brytani Sierra

    I’m not alone!
    I didn’t realize so many bloggers take their own pictures! Cool!
    Us bloggers have so many talents! haha ;)

    Jewelry Store: Hate’er Jewelry
    Blog: The Hated Jewel

    Instagram: @brytanisierra
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    XX Brytani Sierra

  11. Avatar of Blondies Style Fix <3

    I’m always nagging a family member to take some photos for me – think I drive them mad – I need a robbot camera for Christmas please! :)

  12. AJ says:

    My husband takes them most of the time, or my friends if I’m out with them, but there is the occasional time where I have to do them myself. I prefer my friends overall though, because they all read fashion blogs and know exactly what look I’m going for. Shhh…don’t tell hubby :)

  13. Avatar of bestofbklyn
    bestofbklyn says:

    My husband takes the majority of mine, but when I visit home, my mom or photographer BFF takes them! For those of you that have a hard time getting a partner to take photos for you, my best advice would be to keep it really quick- have the settings on your camera set to where they need to be, poses picked out, and know (and tell him/her) what specific shots you want, so you’re not going back and forth!

  14. Avatar of Nasreen
    Nasreen says:

    I get a friend! before I can do it myself, I’ll need to get a tripod hahhaa


  15. Avatar of Akirah
    Akirah says:

    Most of the time it’s my sister , it actually depends on who I am with. :)

  16. Avatar of Xina
    Xina says:

    Photographer friends become contributors. Boyfriend sometimes. Myself. I recently invested in a D7000 but I have not bought a runway appropriate lens. I use photos I find on the internet.

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