The Best $5 To Spend on Your Blog: Get A Custom Email Address

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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneurial blogger, you’re probably always looking for ways to give your business a more streamlined and professional edge. One minor, inexpensive upgrade that can really boost your “cred” is a custom email address for your blog.

Just picture it:

So how do you do it? The easiest and most straight-forward way I have found is through Gmail. They have a free 30 day trial for your custom email, and after that it’s just $5 per month per user. If you’re the only person using the address, that’s just $55 per year.

A custom email address can be especially helpful if you have contributors, interns or a blogging partner. This way, emails sent from each member of your team will have a cohesive feel, and help build your online identity as a brand.

To get started with Gmail, click here. Once you create a new address, you can sync it with your personal account so all your emails arrive at the same inbox.

Gmail isn’t your only option – though it’s convenient if you’re already using their hosting for your personal and/or blog account. If you bought your domain name through GoDaddy, you might consider using their hosting (their “deluxe” package has unlimited storage and up to 10 accounts for less than $4 a month.)

A custom email address probably isn’t going to make or break your next deal, but as your site grows and your business develops, it’s a detail that you may find increasingly important and hey – it looks pretty cool.

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  1. Profile photo of Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn
    Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn

    I have my blog hosted through blogger and got a custom email address. It looks so professional and makes it easier to keep all my blogging emails in one place! Great idea!


  2. Profile photo of Sarah Loves
    Sarah Loves

    Great idea but I often find custom domain email addresses go straight to my spam box :/
    Maybe this is reserved for the full time, big time bloggers?

    Sarah x

  3. Profile photo of
    Patreisha Richey

    I never considered the importance of a custom email address for my blog. While I am still too “small” to invest in one now, if I continue on the path that I am on, I will most certainly make the investment.


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