IFB Project #77: Putting the “New” in New Year
By: Taylor Davies

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For this holiday week IFB Project, we’re changing things up a bit – in a way we have before. There was so much creativity and fun the last time we did a Pinterest-based project that we’re doing another one!

This week, we want you to create a Pinterest board that centers around all the new goals, ideas, style and energey you’re going to bring to 2013. Fill your board with fashion, food, health, tech, photography – anything that is on your mind for making the most of this new year.

Here’s how to submit your board for consideration for next week’s round up:

1. Follow IFB on Pinterest.

2. Create and fill your board with at least 20 images,

3. Have “2013” or “New Year” in the title of your board.

4. Submit a link to the specific board below.




  1. Profile photo of underaveil
    underaveil says:

    We love the idea,
    We are trying our best to create a brilliant Board,
    describing our hopes and aspirations from this new year 2013.
    All the best.

  2. Profile photo of t|he xe|d
    t|he xe|d says:

    It was so much fun, to do such a pinterest collage!
    All the best.

  3. Profile photo of Miss City Chic

    this is such a great idea! i have yet to even think about my new years resolutions!

  4. Liz Parrish says:

    Love this idea! You have inspired me for 2013 :)

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