IFB Project Round Up #77: Putting the “New” in New Year
By: Taylor Davies

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Another week, another amazingly inspiring group of submissions for the IFB project. This week, we challenged you to create a New Year-themed Pinterest Board, filled with your goals, inspirations and tips for making the most of 2013. From improving yourselves to stepping up your style – this was an amazing collection of pins… across the board! (Get it?)

Here are out top 1o favorite Pinterest board submissions from this week:

1. 2013 Goals & Inspiration – Laura Pearson-Smith

2. 2013: New Year, New Life – Under a Veil

3. A Very PR Girl New Year – Bridget Marie Forney

4. Pinspiration for 2013: Be Awesome Today! – Clair File

5. H. H. Designs 2013 – Hope Howland

6. 2013 | New Year Goals – Mariana Branicio

7. “2013” – Sweet Coco

8. A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life: 2013 – Akalei Star

9. 2013, let’s go – Sophie Wilson

10. 2013, let there be life! – Loretta Vandivier


Thank you all so much for participating in this week’s project – we loved all of your Pinterest boards. Please check out all the submissions here, and check back on Saturday for a new project!


  1. Profile photo of underaveil
    underaveil says:

    Congratulations to the top 10 favorite!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the IFB community.
    May this year be a blessing to all of you.
    waiting for the next IFB project.

  2. Profile photo of serena
    serena says:

    waiting for the next project!!!!

  3. Profile photo of mesbelleamis
    mesbelleamis says:

    Thank you for picking my board, and congratulations to other 9 that were picked too.

    Underaveil I hope you get to travel to India, that will be my 2014 goal :-)

  4. Profile photo of Akaleistar
    Akaleistar says:

    Thanks for including me!

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