Daily Dose of Inspiration: Create A Life That Feels Good On The Inside
By: Amanda Boyce

Create a life that is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside
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On being honest with ourselves about what makes us happy.


Be honest: how do you feel about your life right now, at this instant? Not the life that you project on your Instagram or blog, but the life that you are currently living in? For some of us, we know that there is a lot that can be done to make it better but we don’t take that next step. Maybe we are comfortable in the routine, maybe we feel like that there are things that we “should” be doing.

But what if we all decided to just get over this idea of doing something that we feel “eh” about? Think of all the time we’d save, all the brain space we’d open up to bigger, more satisfying pursuits.  Bottom line: don’t get caught up in the life that you think you should be living. Be content with your real life and all of its aspects. If you are doing something for your blog that doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel genuine, than it is probably best to stop it now before your readers notice.


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  1. Avatar of Hey Mishka
    Hey Mishka says:

    I think a good point to make here as well is that living our “best life” (or continuously working towards that) will result in a blog that is far more organic and enjoyable to read, too! Cheers to positive changes for the whole IFB community in 2013. ♥

  2. Avatar of Khadijah Davis
    Khadijah says:

    I agree 100% you only live life once and I think you should’nt put yourself in a bad situtation. If everyone was genuine and real and stop putting on a hoax many could enjoy life as it is.

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