Gadget of the Week: Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Camera
By: Taylor Davies

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Camera
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Happy Tuesday! Welcome to a new feature on IFB, where we introduce you all to some cool-meets-fashionable gadgets. Everything we feature will be geared towards the stylish blogger who’s tech-savvy, too!

The Gadget: Polaroid Z2300 10 megapixel Instant Print Camera

What it costs: $199.99

What it does: This slim, compact Polaroid lets you capture, edit and print a 2 x 3 inch full-color photo in about a minute. You can also share images to any social media platform directly from the camera, plus it’s got a 3.0 inch LCD color screen. Luckily, the film isn’t too expensive, at $30 for 50 prints.

Why we picked it: Blame it on 1990s nostalgia, but there’s something so fun about an instant printing camera. With editing and social media capabilities, this is a Polaroid for the digital age. How fun would it be to tote around to events and photoshoots, and then share a collage on your blog – why not send images as thank yous to brands by snail mail?

[Image credits: Polaroid]


  1. Profile photo of Incognito
    Incognito says:

    I think this camera is simply pure genius ! I think it brings back the pleasure to have REAL photos by that I mean MATERIAL ones, most of the photos we have stay in our computer or hard disk and when the two are burnt out we lose a lot of memories, that is why I think this camera is pure genius because it mixes present and past :).
    It is not interesting and useful fashionably speaking !
    Thanks for introducing me to this sweet camera, now thinking of getting one !

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  2. Rima says:

    I’m obsessed with my fujifilm instax but it’s so heavy! This would be the perfect thing to always have on me without having to lug around a six pound camera for the same effect!

  3. Profile photo of Nasreen
    Nasreen says:

    omg this is SO COOL!! a modern polaroid camera, I like it :)

  4. Elías Gtz says:

    I think that a I want it :D

  5. Profile photo of Tr-opicalfaux

    This is so cute!! I love how it is taking a modern approach towards the original. Definitely on my wishlist ;) xx

  6. Profile photo of Sweetz
    Sweetz says:

    It’s so a must have for me, to enjoy the old with the new ! such a great concept ….

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