IFB Project #79 Round Up: Your Best Earring Bling
By: Taylor Davies

Ear Cuffs
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This week’s IFB project got specific. We honed in on the major “bling bling” potential of earrings and – as I discovered – ear cuffs! My favorite part of this round up was seeing all of the different types of post submission. We got still life images of earrings around the house, outfits with major statement jewels and round-ups of purchases perfect for any budget. Shine on, you crazy diamonds, and see our favorite 10 posts below!

1. Birds of a Thread: Bling in the New Year

2. Barefoot Duchess: Embellished Earrings // Fashion Trend

3. The Fashion Pit: Ode to Earrings

4. de.smitten: Day + Night Ear Cuffs

5. Lemon Stripes: Bling Budget

6. Pretty Sparkly Things: What Earrings Are Best For You?

7. A Hint of Redness: Earrings, The Best Accessories Ever

8. In Sheep’s Clothes: Bling in the Mood

9. Seldom Modish: Ear Bling – Statement Earrings

10. Flash[Frame]: Cuff It

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, you can see all the entries here, and check back on Saturday for a new project! 


[Image credit: Flash[Frame]


  1. Profile photo of in sheep's clothes

    Thanks for including me! Had a great time with this project. Can’t wait for the next one!



  2. Christina says:

    It looks like flash frame and I had the same idea to feature ear cuffs, such a great trend right now! Thanks for including me in the roundup, I had a blast!

  3. Profile photo of Marianne Krohn

    So happy, I made it onto the list! :D I loved the inspiration you gave me and I had a lot of fun working on it. I’m going to check in on your projects more often, for sure.

    xoxo, Marianne

  4. Jacqui says:

    I am so ready to wear an octopus on my ear. Love it!

  5. Donna says:

    Thanks for choosing my post! I’ve been doing these projects for a year now so it’s really nice to be selected! And after seeing some of these I might have to start making some ear cuffs, too.

  6. Profile photo of Filipa
    Filipa says:

    I wish I heard about this project earlier. It would be so much fun to prepare a post like that.
    Congrats to all that bloggers whose post have been featured!


  7. Stella says:

    Wow… Like the hangings… Just Awesome.

  8. Profile photo of Eva Tornado
    Eva Tornado says:

    I have one kitty-like cuff for my ear =) Few time ago I posted about it too=) Well, thank you for your overview, I love them all *_*

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  9. Profile photo of Brytani Sierra

    Wish I had known about this project earlier I definitely would’ve entered my Hate’er Jewelry earring cuffs! Dang! :)

    Jewelry Store: Hate’er Jewelry
    My Blog: XX Hate’er Jewelry

    XX Brytani Sierra

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