Daily Dose of Inspiration: Ask Questions, Be Weird, Experiment.
By: Amanda Boyce

daily inspiration
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daily inspiration

Give yourself permission to experiment and find out who you really are. You’ll be a better blogger for it. Get weird, have fun, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re human, after all.


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  1. Profile photo of Petya
    Petya says:

    Love this!
    I’ve been giving myself goals for a month and the things are going so good for now. :)


  2. I completely agree. GET WEIRD WIDDD IT. People like reading weird things, because it reminds them of themselves! That’s my theory anyway…
    Such good inspo.


  3. Profile photo of Filipa
    Filipa says:

    I love this quote! It’s so true.
    Thanks for sharing it!


  4. Profile photo of
    Andrew says:

    Love this quote! Especially on Martin Luther King day, a day to celebrate diversity, this quote is perfect.

  5. Profile photo of Tiffy Diamond

    This is so true, I’ve made mistakes but they taught me so much in the long run. I’m also able to advise people not to make the same ones. :)

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