Don’t Miss A Minute: Watch IFBcon on Livestream!

Couldn’t make it to #IFBcon this season?

We’ve got you covered.


Tune in to our Livestream channel tomorrow morning and catch all the action online from your couch or office. (We won’t tell your boss.) You’ll be able to experience our six amazing panel discussions plus our CEO Talk and Keynote speech. Not to mention, you can share your thoughts and favorite quotes via Livestream chat, Twitter, and Facebook right from the Livestream page.

You can also access the conference Livestream right from our site:

*Livestream is only for Wednesday, February 6th.


A special thank you to Iced Media providing the Livestream!

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7 Responses

  1. Profile photo of
    Such a Flour

    This is woooonderful!! Thank you! I was upset already, because I thought I was going to miss the fun.

  2. Profile photo of Sarah Loves
    Sarah Loves

    Great! I can’t make it to NY this year so if I can, I will be watching! Any chance its available online once over as I may not be able to watch it live at work…

    Sarah x

  3. Profile photo of Rae

    Hi! I loved being able to watch live yesterday, thanks so much for that! But are you not putting the workshops up today? I was hoping to see the photography one but I guess that’s why I should be in NYC right now. Maybe next year (fingers crossed!).

    To Hell In A Handbag

    • Profile photo of taylordavies

      Hi Rachel, as we announced, we only had the live stream provided to us for the first day of the conference. Hope to see you next time!


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