Taking Your Blogging Education Seriously
By: Hilary Rushford | Dean Street Society

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In the year & a half since starting my styling business & style blog, I have invested thousand of dollars in my education as an entrepreneur. As the daughter of a professor it’s in my blood to never stop learning. But I also believe it played a direct role in the success of my new business for three reasons. First, the knowledge I learned, faster & more succinctly than I could have through internet searches. Second, the community I built up of successful fellow classmates to turn to for advice. And third, the renewed commitment I felt to myself & my company each time I hit “purchase” on another investment. I was putting my money where my heart was, & my heart rose to that declaration.

Here are four examples of courses that will take you to the next level in your blog & brand:


1. Marie Forelo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B-School: Are you ready to be financially successful in 2013? This in-depth 8-week course is hands down the top when it comes to A-Z knowledge of how to build an online business, find your audience, make a living & do it like a rockstar! I’m such a believer I’m offering a few hand-picked bloggers one-on-one mentorship for her next class starting in March.

2. Bri Emory & Angela Kohler’s Blogshop: Does your blog need to go pro in branding, graphics & aesthetics? A two-day crash course in Photoshop, specifically with style & lifestyle bloggers in mind. You leave with an incredible handbook that walks you step-by-step through each new thing you learned so even months later I wasn’t lost implementing all the goods they shared.

3. Brigitte Lyons Media Map: Are you ready to start getting mentions in the press? After a career in PR, Brigitte left the hustle & bustle to help us — new small businesses navigating how to get press, introduce ourselves to the media & expand our reach. She focuses on the macro level of what your unique story is & the micro level of which websites have the inside info you need.

4. Monica McCarthy’s Front & Center: Do you want to launch your own YouTube channel? A former film & Broadway actress, Monica helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera & learn the basics of higher quality video. Video content is only becoming more popular & you shouldn’t let your fear or novice hold you back from sharing your unique perspective!

*A few other teachers I adore are Derek Halpern for marketing, James Wedmore for YouTube traffic building, Anne Samoliov for launching your first product or service & Amy Porterfield for social media marketing. Whatever you want to do next in your business & whatever your weak spot now, there is a teacher out there who can help you make it happen.

These are just a sampling of the amazing resources available to you anywhere in the world & at every stage on your path. If you’re ready to take your blog & business to the next level in 2013, commit to going back to school this year! Whether that’s 2 hours or 2 months. Take yourself seriously, & you’ll see a serious response back from those around you.

What other courses and classes can you recommend to the IFB community? Was there a class you took that was a game changer for you? What’s on your list to learn in 2013?


P.S. If you’re considering Marie Forleo’s RHH B-School, be sure to check out Dean Street Society, I just announced a few mentoring spots yesterday, so you can go through this mega course with me, one-on-one. Would love to help you take things to the next level from March-May this year!


  1. Profile photo of Jason
    Jason says:

    Perfect considering the fact that many people feel to learn about ways to develop blogging, love this editorial :)


  2. Chic says:

    Thank you for this post. As I work to improve my blog and “let my voice be heard” these recommendations could not come at a better time. I’d also recommend Pro Blogger’s – 31 Days to a Better Blog series as a excellent resource as well.

  3. Profile photo of Shaniece Jones

    Vital information and I am totally looking forward to BSchool

    • Profile photo of Hilary Rushford & Dean Street Society

      Yay Shaniece! So excited you’re going to be a B-School babe! You’ll really love. The woman is stellar. And take a peek at The Mentorship Coterie {DeanStreetSociety.com} I’m offering for free to a few bloggers who want to go through B-School with a mentor. :)

      with grace & gumption,

  4. Liz says:

    In October of 2012, veteran bloggers Kat Williams (RockNRollBride.com), Gala Darling (galadarling.com) and Shauna Haider (nubbytwiglet.com) launched an intensive, weekend blogging workshop in NYC called Blogcademy. It covers everything from writing the best about page to monetizing your blog to photography to branding (really- they covered anything). I was lucky enough to attend the first work shop but since then the ladies have been traveling the world with Blogcademy. I believe the next workshop coming up is in LA. Their knowledge was priceless but it also helped leaving the weekend with a network of 30 like minded bloggers as resources and friends. I would highly recommend this workshop for someone who is just starting or someone looking to take their blog to the next level. I realized this message sounds sponsored, haha, it’s not! I just loved meeting 3 bloggers that I had followed for years and soaking up all of their blogging expertise.

  5. Tasha says:

    This a great list of resources for people are serious about taking it to the next level. I wish there were more free classes & courses. As an online business owner of course I want to grow but funds are limited. I do attend a lot of online webinars & of course reading books.

    • Profile photo of Hilary Rushford & Dean Street Society

      Tasha, I’d recommend getting on the mailing lists of Marie Forleo & Derek Halpern, & searching YouTube for any interviews Danielle LaPorte has done. Find someone you like, then see who else they interview, or who else is on programs they’ve been interviewed on/spoken at/etc.

      To be honest, the benefit of a class is hard to find totally free because the really in-depth classes take you step by step, into really detailed action, in order, to build upon one another. But while it takes more work to piece it together on your own, you absolutely can! I read/listened to everything I could get my hands on for free online in the 7 months before I launched my blog when I wasn’t yet ready to invest in professional classes.

      with grace & gumption, Hilary

  6. Profile photo of Shira Rosenbluth

    I wish I could take some of these classes but until I could afford it, it’s going to be a lot of googling and trial and error for me:)

    • Profile photo of Hilary Rushford & Dean Street Society

      Shira, just a reminder that some of the above classes are as low as $97. That’s not nothing, but it’s something to start to pay attention to: Starting today how long does it take you to have spent $100 on clothes? As a style blogger are those few extra pieces worth more to your brand, then knowing how to grow & leverage your blog so more people see them? Just food for thought!

      And these classes can also be something great to ask for as a gift. I have a few students in my “Style & Styleability” class right now who received it as a gift & they’re getting a whole month of goodness from someone’s one-time gift.

      with grace & gumption, Hilary

  7. Profile photo of Incognito
    Incognito says:

    I definitely bookmarked this page. The comments are as useful as the article, this is definitely an option I will keep in mind, above all regarding video content that I want to include to my blog but don’t know how to do it.

    Thanks a lot for this article !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


    • Profile photo of Hilary Rushford & Dean Street Society

      That was definitely one of my hopes with this article, that people would have other great resources to share in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new great teachers & what people have learned that they’re loving! Bookmarked right there with ya. ;)

      with grace & gumption, Hilary

  8. Bielizna says:

    Thanks for all the links. I will definitely use Your article as my guide. I am trying to learn how to write about lingerie and fashion.

  9. Michelle says:

    Any in-depth workshops or classes that are online based (and specific to blogging) would be of interest to me, however so often they meet in person in NYC or LA. If you have any online suggestions, I would very much be interested!

    • Profile photo of Hilary Rushford & Dean Street Society

      Michelle, 7 of the 8 links above are for on-line only programs. Only Blogshop is in person, though they travel often & while it might mean making it to your nearest big city, it’s worth looking into. Also I know they want to know where future students would like to see a class, so drop them a line & let them know if you’re interested in one in your area!

      with grace & gumption, Hilary

  10. This is a great list of resources and courses I didn’t know existed. We are starting a virtual Mentoring group for fashion designers, and entrepreneurs. We are based in NYC and made up of academics. Interested in being a mentor or mentee, sign up to be on the ground floor. Join Fashion Allies and thanks!

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