Daily Inspiration: Find Something You’re Passionate About
By: Jennine Jacob

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Find your passions. Words of advice that are helpful, but are freely thrown around so that we take them for granted. Sure, it’s easy to find your passions, but it really depends on how fickle we are, and how committed we are to the subject we are passionate about.

What happens when we stick to something? When we keep pushing for more knowledge? When we challenge ourselves to find joy in what we do after years of doing it? Something happens, we become experts. The passion goes from a fleeting fancy to something richer and more powerful, it shapes our life.

Julia Child liked cooking, but she didn’t stop there. She didn’t stop at a cooking class. She kept going. At mid-life, she found a new career, and changed a generation of home cuisine because she followed her own advice and stayed tremendously interested in her passions.

Now that’s inspiring.

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  1. I AM TURQUOISE says:

    find your passion and do something about it! i think that’s what’s it all about. I think we shouldn’t keep it as a hobby, like many do, but make it our life!


  2. Kathleen Lisson says:

    I agree about the pushing for more knowledge part. I find inspiration in asking questions and interviewing people. I just finished interviewing a Style Stakes judge in Dubai and learned so much about Middle Eastern fashion!


  3. Jolly Caucus Race says:

    If you find that you’re getting bored with it then come at it from a different angle. This is what I was taught when I was studying Art and Fashion when ran out of steam half-way through projects. It really does help :)

  4. Profile photo of salha
    salha says:

    Thank you for this great article!


  5. Profile photo of Oksana Radionova
    Oksana Radionova says:

    As someone once said, life is too full of mediocre things. XOXO


  6. Profile photo of Patsy Marie
    Patsy Marie says:

    This is so inspiring ,and the movie was inspiring as we’ll I love Julia’s passion and drive and I think as blogger we share the same goal to make our passion into our career!


  7. Holly says:

    This is such a motivational & inspirational piece. Its all about finding that passion & drive!

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