IFB Project Roundup #85: Where do you blog?
By: Jennine Jacob

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Having an inspiring workspace in essential to your productivity. What that looks like to you, whether it be at home, in an actual office, or on the beach…everyone is different when it comes to getting into their creative zone. This week’s project was about sharing where you blog, and the submissions were fantastic! I really loved seeing how some people decked out their offices, or created beautiful dining rooms, of found a cozy spot in their living room to blog. It’s amazing how textured the community can be from behind the scenes. Here were a few that I particularly found inspiring as I move from the office world to the work from home world…




Style Muncher


Different Coloured Socks





Chelsea Tanishamydailyrandomness

My Daily Randomness


De Smitten


 Rich Girl Club


Dressed and Fed


And in case you were wondering, this is where I blog.


  1. I know I shouldn’t but I blog in bed or on the couch. Even though we have an awesome little den!

  2. Profile photo of Oksana Radionova

    Such cool places! I can imagine myself sitting in each one… I feel like I’d have totally different thoughts and ideas, depending on which “office” I was in…

  3. They all look so organised and like it’d be very productive!

    I blog in my room on a little desk…. quite far removed from the lucky devil who has a sea view!


  4. Profile photo of PGRDresses
    PGRDresses says:

    I wish I had a work space; I blog everywhere at work, in my car, in my bed, on my couch. I blog everywhere! LOL

  5. Profile photo of Kalli McQueen

    These are all such wonderful spaces! I’m totally a bed or couch blogger, because my desk has too much stuff for my laptop to fit!

  6. Linnea says:

    What a wonderful idea! So interesting to see where all of you blog from.

  7. All such wonderful, inspiring spaces! Thanks so much for featuring my home office!

  8. I have created a little nook in our den for my “office”. I am working on making it a calm and inspiring space.

  9. I blog everywhere and anywhere. Mostly on my bed though.

  10. Allison says:

    My desk is in our front room — I look out on the canal and the passers by. It enforces my work/home balance as I have no door to close — no working when the kids are home & awake!

  11. Erin says:

    I love this! Any article about workspaces really excites me. I’m one of those free spirits that gets it done wherever I can–the couch, bed, my desk or the train.

  12. Profile photo of anne m bray
    anne m bray says:

    Ha! I KNEW my submission wouldn’t make the cut.

    I blog from a scary looking place, known as “the creative mess”.
    Not everyone wants to be in a clean modernist perfectly styled space.
    My creative spark shrivels up when faced with such a situation and I immediately muck it up. My Mom was always telling me to clean up my room when I was a kid. Now I don’t have to.

    I’m #32 in the Submission queue:

  13. Profile photo of A Bird's Leap

    No way, we have the same table&chairs :D


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