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  1. Hi

    My names Debbie and I work for 7thingsmedia an affiliate management agency, we manage programmes for well known fashion brands such as Koodos, USC, CP Company and Stone Island.

    I really like your site and I believe there is great potential for us to collaborate and assist you in monetizing your current traffic to drive more revenue to your site.

    Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further I’m on 0207 440 8715

    Many Thanks


  2. illysia says:

    Hi, Can’t find another place to contact IFB about this. I submitted my info, but haven’t gotten the link to change my password. Would love to check Link a la Mode today still!!

  3. ahmed says:

    hello I am having trouble receiving a confirmation email and would like to know what is wrong exactly

  4. ahmed says:

    I am not getting any confirmation email what so ever ?

  5. StyleDestino says:


    I have sent the forgot password request twice but haven’t yet received the email with reset link.

    Also there are many other problems on your new website, bugs. For e.g. cannot open and view independent artcles on the blog (tips and other things).

  6. Like others, I have requested my new password twice but have not received anything. Can you please send it?

    Thank you,

  7. Profile photo of Gumboot Glam
    Gumboot Glam says:

    Hey there, The link that i received for my badge doesn’t seem to be working, is there another link you can provide. Thanks so much Ally @gumbootglam

  8. Profile photo of A Chance At Life

    Hey I’ve been looking everywhere for the html code for a badge for my blog and I can’t find it anywhere! Thankyouuu for your help :)

  9. Profile photo of Louise
    Louise says:

    Cannot see the old messages. Can you guys bring it back. Thanks. Hope you can.

  10. wallmuse says:

    Hi, for some reason I am having trouble logging in. I’ve tried to reset my password but the page I’m redirected to just brings me back where I started. Maybe its the new site? Please let me know what I should do to log in – Thanks.

  11. Jay Adams says:

    Like many others, I am having problems since you guys have launched your new layout and am not recieving any help from the emails I am sending you.

    I have also tried to reset my password on 5 occasions; I am able to reset my password, but my account information still will not log me in after a successful change of password.

    Help would be greatly appreciated I would love to get back on IFB

    • I am glad (but frustrated!) to see that I am not the only one having this problem. I would love to network with other bloggers but if I’m unable to log in that poses a problem! Would like to have this resolved as soon as possible :]

  12. Profile photo of Leanne Love
    Leanne Love says:

    Hi There,

    I cannot access my IFB badge but my biggest concern is the massive gray block with special members, hot forums and archives that covers 80% of all the content on the page? Any idea how I can get rid of this so I can view the IFB content? There is no exit or cancel button, and only offers me to log out, sign up (I am aleady logged in) or the help button, which doesn’t really help.

    Please help.

  13. Profile photo of Heather
    Heather says:

    I have to tell you I am getting very frustrated with your site. This is the third time now I will have to redo my profile because all the info is lost. And it’s hard to locate my messages. Wait, not hard- impossible. I understand the site is undergoing “improvements”, but IFB seriously needs to iron out the kinks fast.

  14. Profile photo of
    emese says:

    What happened to the site? I don’t know if someone have this problem too but I can’t access my profile, because some WordPress page come in and ask me to fill my profile, but when I filled it I don’t see my IFB profile. And when I click on community a grey page come up and I don’t see the updates and things like that.
    If somebody know something please answer!:))

  15. Yanic says:

    I believe the upgrade has been detrimental to those who were setup on the site beforehand. I have not been able to logon since the new launch. I have requested a new password, received the link and when I click on it I a page opens but it says “Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid”. I have created a new account, but had so many contacts from the old account, that I want to access…can someone kindly get back to me?

    Thank You,

    • Ana says:

      I am having the exact problem. I’ve requested a new password more than 5 times and it always tells me the key in invalid. I don’t mind starting over, but it’s an annoyance.

  16. Profile photo of MsFABulous
    MsFABulous says:

    Hi, I keep getting “Error 404 – Not Found” when I click on forum pages like Links a la Mode (to get the code, or to post links or other forum pages just shut me out of the site altogether)

  17. Shauna-Gaye Bigby says:

    This blog really helped me out. You really specified the importance of finding a niche and sticking to it. It has come to my attention that sometimes it is really easy to deviate from what we originally started out doing. Thank you for setting me back on track.

    Best wishes.

  18. Aaron says:

    Your blog is great. How much would it cost to feature our post on your site?

  19. Monika Pelc says:

    This is a link that is suppose reset the password – it dosn’t work, please look into it and resend it to me.
    Monika Pelc

  20. I can’t ready any of your posts. There is a pop-up stlye box called Special Members/Hot Forums/Archives which sits over the content and there is no way I can see to close it. Are you able to help?

  21. Janice says:

    Hi :)

    I am unable to register because everytime I type in a password it says:

    Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed


  22. Janice says:


    When I try to register and choose a password I keep getting the following

    Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed

    I don’ t know what to do next ?



  23. Profile photo of Elena
    Elena says:

    I was a big fan of this site before you launched your new layout!!!! Now I can’t access any forums – site downloads forever!!!!!!!! Please bring back the old layout!

  24. Profile photo of CancunModda
    CancunModda says:

    I want to know how could I promote my blog with all the IFB community??

  25. Profile photo of Angel
    Angel says:

    I cannot accept friend requests. everytime i click on ‘requests’ to accept pending friend requests it takes me back to the IFB home page. can you please help me?


  26. Hi,

    My name is Annie Ali Khan. I am a producer for Voice of America. I am interested in covering the blogger conference scheduled for the 4-5th September 2012. If you can please get me in touch with me.


    Annie A. Khan
    Voice of America

  27. Profile photo of Steve Bale
    Steve Bale says:

    I think many of you have the same problem… In the last week I got mails of other member conversations…and these are not for me. Among others my mailbox shows e.g. over 500 mails….in reality there are e.g. 12…and the same message is in one mail up to 50 times. It all started with the new design. Please remove this problem…:(

  28. Profile photo of StyleDestino
    StyleDestino says:


    I am sending individual emails to members and they all club together and all messages of different members all together goes to every member.

    I dont want everyone to read what I gave to one person. they are all private message, that become public.

    Pls fix this.

  29. Profile photo of Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Hi, I’m new to IFB. Can anyone tell me how to get the HTML code to put on my blog? Thanks! Yvonne :)

  30. Profile photo of Liz Avenue
    Liz Avenue says:

    I agree with StyleDestino. I send individual messages too and somehow they end up in one message. Can someone fix this bug? I’m sure we’re not the only ones experiencing this problem.

    • Profile photo of Crisis in Denim

      Yes. I’m getting tons of messages that aren’t meant for me. i also think it looks like I am sending messages that I’m not. I tried resetting my password but I don’t know if that will help. There seem to be a lot of tech probs with the site right now… glad I’m not the only one.

  31. Profile photo of Travelle McFarland

    My inbox is being flooded with messages that were not meant for me. It’s annoying.

  32. Profile photo of Iris - 260 Days, No Repeats

    I can’t submit links to Links a la Mode but, there are still HTML lists being generated. Where can I submit a link so I can be considered?

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