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  1. Maya says:

    hi! I’ve wanted to get one of these tags on my blog for a long itm,e and have just figured out how to do it! But now you’ve replaced the clean and classy tag with this one. Its nice, But I really with the “INDEPENDENT fashion bloggers” one was still available.

  2. Profile photo of Nasreen
    Nasreen says:

    i love the original was still up :(

  3. Profile photo of Marie
    Marie says:

    im having trouble tagging this to my blog. Can i get some help!

  4. Profile photo of
    Lulu Jopp says:

    How do I put this on a blogspot blog? Im confussed!!

  5. Profile photo of Mayra Ruiz
    Mayra Ruiz says:

    Im having troube postling it! its doesnt appears when i refresh the page, it doesnt works! Help plz!

  6. Profile photo of Abigael Bello

    I’m having problems putting it on my blog too. Help pls.

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