Blogger Bootcamp Giveaway

How many of you made New Years Resolutions to ramp up your blogging efforts? We're guessing a few... and if you're still overwhelmed or just ready for some cool opportunities, then you're in luck. IFB and ou... Read More
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Lo & Sons and IFB want you to attend IFBCON in style!

It’s not everyday that you find a bag that’s as functional as it is fashionable. As professionals we’re as meticulous about our gadgets as we are about our accessories. It’s not too often that the two come together as seamlessly as with Lo & Sons line of travel and camera bags.
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Be Extraordinary & HP Giveaway

Everyday, we get emails from readers who ask how they can get their blog to grow, how they can make their blogging dreams come true. And, more often than not, we simply say it's all about being fearless and e... Read More
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Chic Geek Giveaway: Emera Bags

It's been said that an artist is only as good as her materials. How many times have you kicked yourself for forgetting your camera at home while you were out exploring a local park or new shops? It's a major ... Read More
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Chic Geek Giveaway: ONA Bags

It's safe to say you all LOVED last week's Chic Geek Giveaway! Your comments and suggestions were dead on. Many of you wanted sturdier bags, colorful bags, and bags that offered more compartments. I couldn't ... Read More