IFB Project #126: Celebration Style

Chances are.... you've been or will be going to some holiday parties. Or even if you like to skip out on the festivities, dressing up for the season is always fun for the fashionably inclined. Do you go all o... Read More

IFB Project #125: Holiday Gift Guides

It's really that time of year, when all everyone is talking about is giving gifts. Between the madness of Black Friday and January Sales it's nearly impossible to escape! With all the sales, the options, the ... Read More

IFB Project #124: Winter Whites

Ah, winter whites. Even if you live in a place that never snows... winter whites certainly make a statement. In the colder months, we usually opt to go dark with our wardrobes, that stand-by black coat, black... Read More

IFB Project #123: Blazer of Glory

The casual version of the men's sport coat, blazers are an essential part of anyone's wardrobe. Of any other item of clothing, a blazer can make a casual outfit more polished... even making something as basic... Read More

IFB Project #122: Pastel Harvest

Pastels traditionally appeared in the Spring. You know, to match the blossoming trees, the sprouting flowers, the color of the season.  This year, blush pinks, robin's egg blues and pale yellows have been w... Read More

IFB Project #119: Pump it up

Shoe trends come and go, but one kind of shoe is consistently my favorite. The classic pump. With a pointy toe. Yeah, sure, they're not that great for your feet, but that's what orthopedic surgery is for righ... Read More

IFB Project #118: Sweater Girls

Sweaters. I love the cozy warmth, but have always had an issue finding the perfect sweater that doesn't bring out the frump. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, it makes for some pretty dramatic searches for the perf... Read More

IFB Project #117: Halloween Hauteness

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Luckily, it's one of those holidays that was more for the kids when I was a kid, but evolved so it's more for the grown-ups as an adult. It's the one day a year you ... Read More

IFB Project #116: Coat of Many Colors

The leaves are turning color, the chill in the air.. it is time to pull out your coats! It's always my favorite time of year because I just love layering, which means getting creative with coats! Are you the ... Read More