Hot or Not? Affiliate Links in Twitter

Don't ask me why, but I've always felt a little strange about making money. Why can't the cash just appear in my account and automatically replenish itself? Oh yeah, that's why we work. Back in March, I asked you all how essential twitter was to your blog... and mentioned I had been doing some experimenting with affiliate links in twitter. At the time, I didn't really think much about whether it was ethical to use affiliate links, because I only tweeted things that I really loved... until I read some recent articles about an affiliate backlash in twitter...

The New IFB is Here!

Welcome to our new home A few weeks ago I announced that IFB would go through a transformation of sorts... that we'd go from a blog to a social network with the newly designed blog. While that may not sound like a big step, it's a big step. So what's new around here?

We Really Like Your Style

Since the rise of Web2.0, fashion blogs and social networks have worked hand in hand in democratizing style... I couldn't imagine blogging without social networks, both for research and for reaching out. Yet, ... Read More