10 Tips For Maintaining Your Blog Mojo

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Many people start new blogs every week but a much smaller number continue to post regularly. The initial excitement of writing your own fashion blog can wear off after a few months or a few years. As with life in general, we all have our ups and downs with blogging and have times when it feels much harder to motivate yourself.

I have been writing my own personal style blog for nearly four years and for much of this time have also been writing as a professional fashion blogger for various different companies. I would like to share with you a few of my ideas on how maintain your blogging mojo and stay motivated to continue writing and growing your blog.

10 Tips For Maintaining Your Blog Mojo

1. Pace Yourself – you should consider your blog-life balance. If your blog completely takes over your life then, it will reflect in your posts. You need to get out and about, spend time with family and friends and also get enough rest to be a happy and productive blogger.

2. Re-evaluate your blogging goals – Do your original goals still apply and do they fit with your overall life plan, values and beliefs? If not then now is a good time to re define them.

3. Make time to regularly review, refocus and plan – decide what you need to do and write yourself an action plan. Writing things down often helps to get them done.

4. Think Big – take some to day dream about your blog. In a perfect world, imagine exactly how your blog would be? How would it look? What sort of response would you get from those reading it? And how would you feel about it? Thinking about what you can achieve with your blog is likely to make you much more motivated. Now you can start to work towards your dream blog.

5. Brainstorm – scribble down everything that you can possibly think of to write about or do for your blog no matter how ridiculous or absurd it might seem. Try and think outside the box of unusual things that you could write about or do to promote your blog. Once you have spent 10 minutes or so doing this, you can begin to work through and refine the list into a more workable action plan.

6. Develop your skills – it is difficult to get bored when you are learning something new. Aim to continuously develop yourself and your blog. You could try enrolling for a writing, styling or photography course at a local college. You can also find lots of courses online or if you prefer set yourself a task or challenge to learn how to do something new each week using free resources on the internet.

7. Interact –interaction is one of the key parts of blogging for many people. Don’t forget to interact with your followers and other like-minded people through social networks, forums and IFB. This is a great way to get inspired.

8. Do something different every now and then – they say a change is as good as a rest. It can be anything from turning your blog posts into stories or videos or writing your posts in a different way.

9. Keep a notebook – a great idea will usually pop into your head when you least expect it. When you are trying to think of something to write about it can be much more difficult and the dreaded writers block can set in. Tumblr , Instagram and pinterest are all useful tools for discovering and recording new inspiration.

10. Blog about what you love – Forget what everyone else is doing and concentrate on the aspects of fashion and style that you really love and that interest you the most. For example, If going to and reporting on all of the shows during fashion week exhausts you, is it absolutely necessary that you go? Perhaps you could cover fashion week from a different angle. By doing this not only will you feel more motivated to blog but you will also create something unique that is driven by passion.

How do you maintain your mojo, baby?


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28 Responses

  1. Veronica

    Great article!! And it’s funny because it’s exactly what I’m doing!! The Curly Way is in a change period because of the domain and I’m building my blog this way!! Congrats!! V.

  2. River Sun

    I look at fashion as an art, In art there is no limit, which makes nearly every thing in the daily life inspiring.
    I deal with fashion with love, The keys to open the Imagination Fountain are two basic yet simple, they are LOVE and PRACTICE,do what you passionately in love with and do it over and over and over. River Sun

  3. mediamarmalade

    This is a really useful article, I am relatively new to blogging so find tips and advice like this really good to know!

    I am really enjoying it all so far 🙂 fingers crossed I will keep it interesting xx


  4. Rachel

    When I first started blogging I would bring a camera with me every where I wore a cute outfit to, making everyone and myself feel awkward about taking pictures for no apparent reason.

    Now I just enjoy my cute outfits. If pictures, happen, they happen. If I remember the camera, I do. If not I just remember the outfit and take pictures later or don’t. It’s life, not the blog that makes me smile, I just like to share the smiles 🙂

  5. kpnd

    Came here by chance. You have given relevant tips for bloggers. It so happens that we also give tips to bloggers. They resonate with yours.
    Happy blogging!

  6. Velvet Moon Diaries

    It’s always great to be reminded to re-evaluate & refocus! Thanks for always having great tips & motivational tools for us…;)

    Faiza xo

  7. Megan

    This is come really great advice. I struggle with staying connected with my blog, usually because I get too busy.. But sometimes I just get burned out for whatever reason. So this is very helpful. 🙂

  8. Synthetic

    Whenever I think to myself “um… But everyone blogged about this and that, what could I possibly say?”- I try to research the topic from a different angle, and when I find that angle- then I know I’m fine

  9. Sabina

    Great post. I lost my mojo after a few months on a previous blog project precisely for one of the reasons you mentioned. I was trying to be too much like other fashion blogs–critiquing trends and offering style tips. Nothing wrong with these things of course. But I felt like there were so many of those know-it-all blogs out there already (admittedly put out by bloggers who knew a lot more than me) and it made me think about what I could contribute to the blogosphere that was uniqely mine. Now I have a blog where I post fashion-inspired illustrations. It’s not the most widely read blog out there, but a year and a half after starting it I’ve been sticking with it and loving creating something new on a regular basis.

  10. Jessie

    Good read! Idea notebook is smart. I used one when i started, but got so busy that I stopped. Will be going back to that for sure. Also, I used to have a google calender to write when certain articles would go up. Helped me stay organized and see my content mapped out. Also helped me blog ahead, so I can dedicate time a couple days and feel at ease that my blog is looking good!!

  11. Harlequin

    This was an extremely helpful post. I’m planning on saving this and rereading it when I run out of things to do. Number 9 helped especially!

  12. GawgusThings

    I’ve got a similar ‘inspiration list’ printed out in my office at home. Whenever I draw a blank I read through my points again to get me back on track!

  13. Paolita

    I really liked and needed this post. Finding and keeping your mojo can be particularly hard when you are the new blogger in town… any and all encouragement is greatly appreciated.

  14. Molly

    Great tips, I definetely will mind map some ideas.
    I think it is important for a fashion blog not just to be about fashion. Widening your subject matter definetely will keep you interested.

  15. Ingrid Mida

    There are some great tips. I write about a wide variety of topics related to fashion – including history, exhibitions, art, runway shows, interviews, movies, books and creative projects – so I rarely get bored. In fact, I often think there is too much to write about….But there are times that I need a dose of mojo and I’ll be saving this list.

  16. Skint in the City

    for me sometimes the most difficult times are when I feel I’m writing in a vacuum. You know those days when you don’t get many comments back etc. That’s when I try to connect with brand new people – it makes me feel as if I’m moving forward. I follow more people on twitter and connect with them and click through all on links on the blog rolls of my fave blogs. You never know where it will lead!

  17. Sandra

    These are all great ideas! It’s good to sometimes just step back and take a breather. If blogging is like a job then we still need vacations!

  18. aggrotramp

    This post is awesome! I thought that I was just having issues because I’m new to blogging so it’s good to hear that even experienced bloggers get a little bummed on their blogs at times.

    I feel like if I’m not stoked on each post, why would someone else be? so I try to make every post relevant but a bit rebellious so I find myself searching for ways to link the two…all the while tossing in my opinion of fashion. Gets overwhelming for sure!

    Thanks for the advice, I got a little notebook. I keep in my bag so ideas are instantly remembered and anything that motivates me is always close by. Gotta be stoked on every post!

    – AggroTramp

  19. massive blogger

    I love fashion and also loved the article.
    I am relatively new to the vast world of blogging.

    So thanks for the tip.

  20. Cammi Pham

    thanks for sharing some every useful tips. I have always been a twitter girl, writing more than 140 characters feel like so much. But slowly get used to blog 🙂