13 Last Minute Halloween Blog Posts to Spook Your Readers

halloween dark background

Ooooooooohhhhhhh. Ooooooooooohhhh. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH.

Did that scare you? I didn't think so. Halloween is the first holiday of the “season” and while you may leave  your Halloween costume to the last minute, skipping out on the Halloween festivities on your blog can be a missed opportunity for both you and your readers. Even if you're not the Martha Stewart type of celebrator, or the kind of person who dresses up as “themselves” for Halloween, there are ways to get in on the holiday and have just as much fun as you would in real life.

Last Minute Halloween Blog Posts

  • Run a List of Your Favorite Horror Films: Even if you can't stomach scary films, there's always The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Run a List of Your Favorite Halloween Music Videos: Thriller, Dancing With Myself, whatever Lady Gaga video is creeping around, this post can highlight the spooky talent in music videos.
  • Share Old Halloween Costumes: Even if you haven't celebrated Halloween since you were five, share your old pics!
  • Run a “Halloween in Your Closet”: Presuming you have clothes, you can throw together some amazing posts with what you already have!
  • DIY Tutorial of a Halloween Costume: Cat ears, Devil Horns, Bats flying around… everyone does a little DIY for Halloween, why not share yours on your blog!
  • Post a Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Cookies, brains, whatever you're serving for Halloween, share the recipe!
  • Make a Fashion-Jack-O-Lantern: Anna Wintour can make a scary Jack-O-Lantern!
  • Write a “What You Can Learn From ____________” Post: There's a lot you can learn from Halloween, Horror Films and all things spooky!
  • Write a “How Fashion Can Save You From Freddie/Jason/Zombies/Vampires, etc.: Even if it's how to kill a Zombie with stilettos!
  • Ask Your Readers to Share Their Halloween Costumes: Great way to engage your readers!
  • Share a spooky story from your life: Did you ever living in a haunted house, see a ghost, have a premonition?
  • List Halloween Events in Your Area: Let your readers know what's going on!
  • Create a Halloween Gift Guide: Gifts for Halloween? Why not!

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9 Responses

  1. Krystal

    These are all so awesome, I don’t know where to start! I think I will do some sort of contest. Thank you so much for sharing! The resource here on IFB are endless! You guys rock!

  2. Petya Yakova

    I first decided to skip all of the “Halloween” stuff this year. I wasn’t feeling in the mood for Halloween, but since I read your post I feel like I must do something, I can’t just skip it. You just bring back the holiday spirit, thanks!

  3. Halloween Is Cool!

    Your idea to write about how to kill a Zombie with stilettos made me smile 😀
    I came across beautiful collection of Halloween costumes for younger kids, there are some impressive home made costumes too. Newborn babies looks soooo cute in Halloween costumes! It’s on Facebook