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Blogging is a wonderful form of expression. However, expressing ourselves fully is only satisfying if we have readers and are developing relationships with like minded people. The best practices for establishing your blog takes consistency, a bit of know-how, and strategy. As with everything that thrives online true success as a blogger takes perseverance, consistency, and planning. Developing a content strategy is a simple first step to ensure your success.

Whether you cover the latest trends in fashion or the shifts in creative vision at influencing fashion houses, these blog strategies are best practices for getting your blog posts positively ranked in search engines.

Keep tabs on Google's content requirements.

Pay attention to Google and how search engines index content such as best practices for headings, URLs and internal or external linking. Google offers many free resources to help you get it just right. Simple ways to stay up to date on what is going on with search engine algorithms is to subscribe to industry influencers such as Search Engine Land or Moz.

Perform keyword research.

Harness the power of long-tail keywords. Perform your own search for the topic you want to write and write an article that outshines them using targeted long tail keywords. Local search is on the rise and should be harnessed by bloggers. Remember to feature only one primary keyword and one secondary keyword.

Learn the basics of HTML.

Writing your blog post is just the beginning. Clean code makes it easier for search engines to index and crawl your website. Understanding what headers and paragraphs look like to computers is vital. There are various online tutorials that are free and can help you learn the basics such as W3 Schools. Learning basic HTML gives you the flexibility to format your blog posts and ensures that any unnecessary code is removed. Unnecessary code slows down search engine crawlers and may cause delays in your website index priority as well as rank.  

Develop long form content.

Creating content that is more than 1000 words oftens gives you an edge in ranking faster. Blog Tyrant, explains “Google has long been spouting the idea that useful content was key to better rankings.” There are various independent studies that have taken an in depth look at the top search results in Google. To no surprise, 85 percent of the top results contained articles that featured at least 1200 words.

Promote your articles not your blog.

Often you will feel hard pressed to promote your blog and all its glory. However, most visitors find blogs because a blog post offers insights and information that is useful, credible, and inspirational. Rather than simply promoting your blog promote your actual blog posts that are relevant. Begin by finding blogs on the same topic and commenting or contributing your thoughts.. Don't spam but rather provide real insight and feedback that makes other readers want to learn more about you.

Use social media to get shares.

Google recognizes and ranks shared content as valuable content. Contrary to popular belief – social media is not optional when it comes to getting your blog recognized. Rather than build a social media presence on a dozen networks choose just a one or two that you will be able to maintain easily. Be sure to do more than simply post links to your most recent blogs. Be active, engage with visitors that comment, and promote other bloggers with similar interest.

Provide visuals and images.

As fashion bloggers providing visuals and images is simple and gives your blog a professional polish. Long form content can be tiresome to read. Use visuals to help break up your text. Talk about more than simply where to find your latest outfits, but mention where to wear them, the makeup products you used, and more.

Interact with your community and commenters.

As your blog grows in popularity remember to always connect with your readers. Respond to comments and thank them for stopping by. If you have an email list send out a monthly newsletter just for them and mention relevant topics such as birthdays of community members or scheduled giveaways and collaboration.

Receive alerts.

Sign up to receive alerts for various keywords to help you follow the trends. This also gives you ideas on topics to cover on your next blog. Consider a reasonable SEO ranking tool such Sheer SEO as well to see what’s ranking and what’s not. There are many platforms that offer free alerts. To get started consider Google Alerts.

Keep it evergreen.

Try to keep your content as evergreen as possible. Creating guides or how to articles are highly recommended. Evergreen content gives your blog longevity online and positions your blog as a go to resource in your industry. If your blog is a news source find creative ways to keep parts of it evergreen.

Update relevant blog posts and build upon them.

Blog posts that bring in the most organic traffic are often updated or expanded regularly. Think of these as a running guide that is updated regularly depending on the trends. For example, a guide on black dresses that is updated as new styles and trends emerge.

Collaborate with other bloggers and influencers.

Roundups and collaborations leverage both your audience and thiers. As a blogger it is often tempting to keep your visitors on your blog, however, giving them more ways to find answers positions you as a reliable and unbiased source. Connect with bloggers in fashion or other areas such as jewelry makers, makeup artists, or lifestyle bloggers that feature recipes.

Consider content promoters.

Platforms such as Viral Content offer free content promotion that is white hat and authoritative. Other excellent options include BlogLovin’ and BuzzSumo. The most reputable content promoters will demand that you contribute to the community by sharing the content of other bloggers and websites. If the content promoter allows you to simply share your content – beware. Avoid blog directories and other black hat sites.  

Discover relevant communities.

Reddit has various fashion communities that are vibrant and interesting. Simply having a presence there can drive more traffic than you may think. Be very useful in the community and share real insights that make sense. Fashion communities are often excellent platforms to also gain feedback on your own sense of style.

Blogging is a simple way to drive traffic to your website when undertaken with strategy and purpose. Consider some of these tips to improve your blog’s digital footprint organically and affordably.

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