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17 Blog Niches Perfect for Stay at Home Moms

Are you a stay at home Mom? Looking to get into blogging, but have no idea where to start? Want to tap into a niche market?

Blog Niches For Stay Home Moms

In the digital age, more and more stay at home moms are breaking the stereotypes. It is now pretty common to hear a successful stay at home mom who is rocking the blogosphere. You might have several internet sensation SAHMs in your neighborhood.

I remember that one scene in The Intern where the role of Robert de Niro was bragging about Anne Hathaway’s ecommerce fashion website with other moms, “Must make you proud, huh? One of your own out there every day crashing the glass ceiling of the tech world. So — bravo! Good for her. Right?” The fun part of that is that it’s not just happening in the movies. It happens in real life!

Yes, moms are doing it. And no, unlike Anne Hathaway in The Intern, you don’t necessarily have to set-up an ecommerce website and sell stuff online. You only need to have a blog and you can earn passive income from it.

But where to start, you might ask. You need to settle on a niche first.

Can’t I blog anything under the sun? Well, you can. But if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to focus on one topic and be an authority in that field. It will also help you with SEO when you create a linkable asset that attracts links to other bloggers in your field.

How do you pick a niche? Below, I created a Venn diagram which presents essential factors to pick your perfect blog niche.

Venn diagram Blog Niche

You have to find the sweet spot in between you passion, skill and experience when choosing what your blog will be about.

Passion – to keep you pumped to post regularly.

Skill – you need to have a mastery on the subject for people to believe what you write and if you don’t have it yet, intensive and constant research can get you there.

Experience – to prove your skill, you share your own experience and learnings.

If you're looking for some inspiration, below are 17 niches which stay at home moms can blog about with good numbers of average monthly searches and low to medium competition on Google.

Fashion – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

If you are constantly updated with trendy fashion statement, this niche is perfect for you. You can create a photo gallery of your best OOTDs, review your latest dress, share where your readers can find stylish clothes and share your insights about accessorizing and mix and matching on your fashion blog.

DIY – 1M – 10M average monthly searches; low competition

I’m sure each SAHMs has various creative Do-It-Yourself ideas that they already have applied redesigning, repurposing or crafting something in their own homes. Show off your projects and share your creative home tips in your DIY blog posts.

Origami – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

Origami is a specific type of DIY craft. If you are fond of Japan’s art of paper folding, you can blog about instructions and surprising uses of origami.

Yoga – 1M – 10M average monthly searches; low competition

With this niche, you can share yoga teachings you have learned and your experiences. Your posts can detail how others can benefit from yoga exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, diet and positive thinking.

Unemployment – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

Not to say that stay at home moms are generally unemployed, but this blog topic will surely benefit them. The article can range from coping with unemployment, finding sources of income without being employed, handling budget smarter, sharing employment news and the opportunity to make a living blogging.

Paleo Diet / Gluten Diet / Atkins Diet / Gluten Free Diet- 100K – 1M average monthly searches; medium competition

The most popular diets each receive large amounts of average monthly searches (100K to 1M). It is worth looking to try one of these and blog your experience. Or it would be better if you set a schedule and try paleo, gluten, atkins and gluten in your preferred time frame. After you tried them all, you can write a review comparing them.

Photography – 1M – 10M average monthly searches; low competition

Is your Instagram filled with #instagoals? Maybe it is time to tell your secrets how you achieve taking wonderful photos. You can post photography lessons which include choosing a camera that suits you, lighting, setting shutter speed, ISO and aperture, exposure and post-processing.

Collage – 1M – 10M average monthly searches; low competition

Who would have thought collage yield loads of searches monthly? You can share your creative ideas, or even sell your collage on your blog. I see online collage blogs sell their work for $25 to $100 per piece.

E-Learning – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

Moms with kids can choose to blog about e-learning niche and share with other moms how they can utilize the internet to help their children learn in advance. You could also blog about e-learning or training for adults.

Crochet – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

If you have the passion in crochet, you can blog your projects, video tutorials, patterns and more. You can also sell your work on your website.

Knitting – 100K – 1M average monthly; low competition

Back to back with crochet, knitting is a great niche too. Even if the difference between #10 and #11 are only the stitching and the fabric, they are enough to classify one and the other in blogging niche. Actually, the more your niche is specific, the more likely it is for your blog to be the authority of its field.

Women’s Health 100k – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

Who else can know the female body, but us? You don’t have to be in a doctor level when blogging about women’s health. You can share your personal insights on diet, fitness and wellness.

Pregnancy 1M – 10M average monthly searches; low competition

This niche is perfect for SAHMs. Your blog can be the physical, mental and spiritual guide for expecting mothers. In fact, for expecting mothers, who are looking for affordable prices, A Date With Baby Newmarket uses HD live and 5D ultrasound to create the most vivid 3D images of your unborn baby.

You can also inspire women trying to get pregnant as well as mothers having a hard time with their conception.

Entertainment – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

The opportunity in this niche isn’t only focused on the latest entertainment news. You can also explore reviewing movies, music, tv shows and even the actresses’ fashion statement.

Travel – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; medium competition

For outgoing SAHMs, you can document and share travel advice on your blog. One of the keys to capture your visitors’ attention is by accompanying your posts with your perfect travel photo.

Home Improvement – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; low competition

Stay at home moms will definitely have a lot of input in this niche. They are the experts in decorating, remodeling and DIY projects.

Adoption – 100K – 1M average monthly searches; medium competition

Parents who have adopted before can blog valuable knowledge in the process of adopting as well as raising adopted children.

Note: You can search for the average monthly searches and competition for a keyword using Google Keyword Planner. Additionally, you can search for your competitors by looking for them on Google then run two to four of them on SEO Analyzer to help you gain insight into how you will attract your target audience.

Best of luck on searching for your blog niche!

Do you have a unique blog niche? Share with us below to inspire other readers…

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