20 MORE Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

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Jennine wrote an amazing post, 31 Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers. I have this post pinned on my bulletin board for days when I just think, “What the hell can I write about?”


Since there are always so, SO many things for fashion bloggers to write about, I just had to expand on it for my first post of 2012!  My favorite way to use these tips is to pick the ones I don't do often.  It breaks me out of a content rut, makes me think in new ways, and I can often learn a thing or two in the process!


20 MORE Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

  1. An era in history.  A lot of fashion bloggers DON'T have fashion history degrees! Get elbow deep in some Wikipedia and text books and write about the clothing from some of your favorite periods.
  2. Who is your favorite historical figure? Marie Antoinette? Georgiana Cavendish? Geishas? Bonnie Parker?  The world is full of fashionable women– share them all!
  3. Regional style of dress... who isn't obsessed with a dirndl or kimono? Why not take a look at the modern and historical fashion of other countries, share techniques used in construction, what they meant in society, and more?
  4. What about your favorite film or television character?  How would you put together their outfits from attainable pieces, or interpret it for your own wear?
  5. How would you interpret your favorite singer's outfit?  I love, love some Gwen Stefani style!  But how does a regular girl translate her fab style in to her own life?
  6. Men! Most of us are focused on women's fashion– but when not switch it up? Post about your favorite men's styles, what's new for dudes, or create some controversy over kilts (love them or hate them?).
  7. Or alternately, share what your boyfriend wears!  I always love a sneak peek in the “What I Wore” of the manly variety.
  8. Care, cleaning, and alteration methods!  Many people don't know the best ways to care for their clothes–whether weatherproofing their shoes to scotch guarding purses and jackets.  How do you care for your clothes to keep them in lasting condition?
  9. If I Were Another Girl (or Guy!)… we all have items we love that just aren't us.  I can't and won't wear everything, but that doesn't mean I can't admire it!  What would you wear if you were another girl…or guy?
  10. Share a runway style… that you just can't get enough of! Share how you'd work it in to your regular life.
  11. Or that inspiring fashion editorial.  I don't share either often, but sometimes am way too overcome by a good one not to!
  12. What would your favorite comic book character wear? Or literary character?Reinterpret fantasy in to reality!  I love putting together polyvore sets based on characters who inspire me.
  13. Girl crush on…. share the style of your favorite celebrity of the moment.  I'm super crazy about Emma Stone right now– from how often she changes her hair color, how playful she is with make-up, and how she has super mad style.  Who inspires you & how can you adopt that in to your own style?
  14. Your trials and tribulations of shopping.  I hate jean & bra shopping.  But when I have success in those areas? I want to share them!  Share the epic journey of finding great jeans with your readers or reveal all of your hidden sources for great bras in plus-sizes.  There's no reason to keep them a secret!
  15. Super steals and deals.  I admit, sometimes I hide a really good deal I find online.  Don't be shy though! Share those super awesome shoes you found at a rock-bottom price.
  16. Amazing independent designers.  I love scouring Etsy or Artfire for amazing artisans.  Help an indie designer out and share their products.  Small businesses are such a valuable resource to every community, and sharing their store helps someone else succeed in their dreams.
  17. Amazing local designers! Every city has someone designing their own clothes.  Find out who is local to your region and feature them.
  18. Reviews!  Share your thoughts on that new Benefit mascara.  On the members only sites like Jewelmint or Gilt, or those super trendy Jeffrey Campbell shoes everyone is talking about.
  19. Your routines.  What's your method for getting dressed every day?  What beauty products do you use daily? What products do you use for that luscious mane?
  20. What's in your bag?  I love when this meme goes around– it's a super personal way to share your life.  Do you have a huge key set, are you super organized, or are tampons and pennies floating around the bottom of your purse?

Over 50 ideas to get you brimming and brewing for the year to come.  Take one each week and try it out as part of your blogging resolutions for the new year!


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25 Responses

  1. Elissa

    Wow – what a great post Ashe! Thank you for sharing so many inspired ideas for future posts on my own blog. I’ll be referring back to this list often in the coming months.

  2. Yasmeen @ Castle Fashion

    Love these ideas 🙂 I love reading “routine” posts; it’s always cool to see how different fashion bloggers handle getting dressed/doing their makeup etc.!


  3. Bridgette West

    Great content. I’m sure this will come in handy for me on the days I have writers block. Thanks for the information!

  4. Zamri A.

    This is a great post! Definitely good tips esp for those who have some kind of blogger’s block to write something new.
    I beg to share it in my blog too. Thnx. =)

  5. Jade

    Thank god you’ve written this article because I was drawing such a blank on what to write about next! I’m definitely going to use A LOT of these idea’s xx

  6. Heidi T.

    I love the ideas suggested here! This will be really helpful on days when I don’t know what to post in my blog. 🙂

  7. Christy Lorio

    I love these suggestions, and more importantly I’d love to read what other people put together based on these.

  8. garconniere

    if you research fashion history for your blog, PICK UP A BOOK, don’t just look up wikipedia. any high school history teacher or journalist can tell you wikipedia is a horrible source.

    • Ashe

      Wikipedia is a fantastic source for sources though! If you’re on Amazon & find 2,000 books on fashion, where do you begin? At least look at Wikipedia for their works cited listings!

      • garconniere

        i wouldn’t call it “fantastic” and obviously it depends on what topic you’re researching. maybe it’s because i’m a former history student myself, and current journalist, i think it’s always a better start to read a book or two.

        libraries and librarians are your best friends! even if you just scan through, it can lead you great places.

  9. Erica

    Thanks for all the suggestions – there were many that I never thought of!

  10. Noisy Shoes

    great ideas! altho Wikipedia is a terrible source of information – if you are interested in fashion history there are so many more interesting – and reliable!- ways to go about it!!!

    • Ashe

      Wikipedia can be a great resource for finding the actual texts though! There are millions of books out there… I always find works cited to be a place that I can begin though!

  11. Malu

    Great, I will defenately use these tips!
    Check out my Stylish Confessions! ♥

  12. Emmy

    Such great ideas. Am bookmarking for sure:) That one about what your fave literary character would wear is such a cute idea for a nerd like me!

  13. cylia

    ahh this is such a good idea.. I got so inspired, immidiately wrote a post about it! http://cyliaaaa.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-outfit-routine.html

  14. Darian Poindexter

    Really appreciate you sharing this post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  15. Amber Naomi

    Thanks! I’m already inspired by reading this post 🙂