Are text links a good deal?

One of the first offers I've received for advertising was a text link from a jewelry company who wanted to buy a post. I was excited, but it seemed very strange because I didn't have very much traffic at the time. So I engaged in conversation…

It turned out to be more trouble than it's worth, and the content was too far from what I would normally post, so I passed. I get offers all the time to purchase links in posts, or even whole posts, I have never used them, because I thought it may interfere with the integrity of the blog.

There is a great post on in regards to text link selling. Google penalizes websites that sell text links. I'm not exactly sure what that means, if they will decrease your page rank or worse. (oh my…) It seems like my initial inclinations were right, to hold off and see what other forms of monetization are out there.

What is your experience with these kinds of offers? Are they a good deal?

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  1. Jean Voute Pratt

    I have had the exact same experience. To boot, those seeking to buy a text link can’t seem to come across any other way than spammy – ruining the initial interest/curiosity the request may have sparked. I think we both did the right thing. We are fortunate to put up quality ads (or will when we get the design where we want) by virtue of running our parent site but given the blog is so new, it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Jean Voute Pratt

    Speaking of integrity: How is Daily Candy’s mantra of “no pay for play” (prominently featured on their front page) not completely violated by their dedicated email “advertorials”

    They plainly state they write in a language their audience likes/responds to. Basically, they’re saying “pay us, ad partner, and we’ll write an editorial to sound like we reviewed you and you’ll get tons of action” Seems slimy to me.

  3. aschlee

    I’ve been reading your blog and I’d just like to say I find the content invaluable. It’s really interesting and helpful. Would you be interested in trading links? I like the blog and I think others would too. 🙂

  4. Dustcakeboy

    I was recently offered a text link deal with a diamond merchant but I refused considering that form of advertising is just too intrusive for my liking, as you said it really does detract from the blog’s integrity.


  5. Sunnyday

    hello everybody,
    selling links is actually what Google mainly does… ! and you can fearless sell links or articles and still keep the integrity of your blog. YOU choose if an article is worth writing it or not! and as long as your subject remains contextual, Google has nothing to “worry” about. Don’t worry. 🙂