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Announcing InsideTheTents

New York Fashion Week is just a few days away. It's exciting to cover all the new collections, to get a glimpse of what's going to be hot in a few months, the designers, the parties, etc. There's no question that blogs are starting to give the established media something to worry about, yet they still command the highest amount of attention both on the web and in print. Part of the reason is they have access to all the shows, funding to send photographers and journalists to cover everything. Bloggers are at a disadvantage because most of us are one person, and it's very hard to compete.

What if bloggers pooled their efforts to a single aggregated content site?

For the first time ever an aggregated content site is set up specifically for independent bloggers to cover New York Fashion Week. This is great news for several reasons, if you're going, it's a great way to gain more exposure for your content with little extra work. If you're not going, it's great to see real voices cover fashion week in real time, from a single source reducing the chances of missing anything. InsideTheTents gives the fashion blogging community to combine resources in a way that we have never done before. Mike Pratt from Style Observer explains here:

The Style Observer and MyItThings, in cooperation with American Express (a major sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009) had launched InsideTheTents, the fashion world's 1st initiative to bring together all the independent voices in the fashion world during Fashion's most important week.

InsideTheTents will be the destination for all of the best content produced inside the tents. Each contributor will be adding their content to an independent “dashboard” of news, insight, and analysis as it happens. Whether it's a quick message from Twitter, a video interview, a snapshot just uploaded to Flickr, or a just-posted Blog article – you'll see it unfold at InsideTheTents.

InsideTheTents has assembled a Who's Who of fashion and beauty bloggers who are already attending Fashion Week. If you're attending and want your voice to be heard, contact us. If you're a fan of Fashion Week like we are, grab some code and embed the badge below on your site for a week. Tell all your readers to get their fashion Week fix InsideTheTents

Inside The Tents
When you contact InsideTheTents, don't forget to include the following information:
  • Name
  • Icon (headshot)
  • log name
  • Blog url
  • Twitter name
  • flickr name

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8 Responses

  1. fernanda

    we did something like that here in brazil a few seasons ago, and it was really really great and a experience full of great accessible information. i wish you guys all the best in this coverage, can’t wait to see everything from “insede the tents”! =)

  2. Dahlia

    This project is brilliant! I wish I knew about it before…I would love to have covered NY Fashion Week…one day in the not so distant future…

  3. Latoicha

    Unfortunately, I am not attending fashion week this season. Hopefully next season! This is a fantastic idea and I am definitely supporting it. I can’t wait to get up to date info inside the tents!!