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Dear Readers,

As the owner of a fashion & beauty blog, I have daily interactions with various members of the industry.  From makeup artists, publicists, designers and company owners themselves have by and large been a delight work with.  It has been wonderful to see how what started as a hobby from a small town in Arkansas has blossomed to be known as Style IT.  Since I started Style IT over 2 years ago I have been honored to be a member of the rapidly growing online media marketplace.

As you may have noticed I am putting together an extensive Holiday Gift Guide starting November 1 running through December 31.  To find the most exciting new products on the market, I am reaching out to new companies and current relationships.  One such new company I was delighted to discover was Purse-Lights.  A novel idea, these clipable lights retail for $17.95 for 3.  I reached out to the company for a press sample, a standard practice for media, so the author has experience of using the product, evaluating it's quality, and the company receives honest coverage.

While speaking with a representative of the company, I notified the company of my policy of requiring a sample for any product review that appears on the site.  The representative responded by informing me that a sample would be sent only after I signed a form stating the product would be included in my Holiday Gift Guide and the review would be a positive one.  While I can understand the company is looking out for it's best interest and bottom line, I cannot help but to feel offended and shocked at the request.

True, in the past I have received items from goody bags and publicists that I was not thrilled with, and I felt a fair amount of guilt for not mentioning a product no matter how much I disliked it.  However I have always put the integrity of my writing and website above a company's return on their investment.  As the popular saying goes, you canont make everyone happy all of the time.  Not every product is for every person, and these simple facts are a business basic.

To put it simply, every review posted on Style IT is honest – pure and simple.  If I don't like it, I don't write about it.  Each feature comes straight from the heart and my belief in the product/brand.  It is never my intention to badmouth a product or ruin a company's good reputation, however I have no desire to be associated with such questionable business practices.

Whew – feels good to clear the air.  I look forward to bringing you a fantastic Holiday season filled with honest-to-goodness great products designed to make your holiday shopping easier.

Thank you for being a part of Style IT.

Warmest Wishes,


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11 Responses

  1. ImK Viz

    Je parle peu anglais mais j’ai réussi à comprendre et même à apprécier cet article.
    C’est vrai que l’intégrité est très importante dans l’écriture du blog, c’est une base sur lequel le lecteur doit pouvoir se reposer pour faire confiance au blogger.

  2. SandyNeneSA

    It’s always great standing out for what you believe in. Now, tell me; do you charge brands if they ask you to run a competition on your blog and social media?