Using Social Networks to Scout Content


We talked about refining your unique voice… but where can you find great content before everyone else does? Fashion magazines, always have points of inspiration… as do shopping runs, local fashion events, and you could make a new collage of your favorite designers. You can even go scouting for emerging designers… don't really wait for Diane Pernet to discover the latest, you can go searching on your own, finding someone more  to your own tastes, and luckily there are loads of places to do that on the internet


When I first started blogging, I scoured IQONS, clicked on what I believe every single profile looking for new designers and interesting people. Really, it would be easier to run a search labeled ‘Designer' in the ‘occupation' field.

IQONS really does deliver great designers, and since a lot of them are just starting out, they are really more than willing to talk about their collections… so not only will you able to find new designers,  you can write them to ask for images and an interview. Bonus points for both of you!

2. Myspace

I know, I know, Myspace might sound like 2006, buuut the bonus about Myspace is it's a huge site, everyone has a profile, and unlike Facebook you don't have to be someone's friend to snoop through their stuff. Designers who may not have a website yet tend to post images in their profiles. I tend to click around on interesting profiles, and when I find someone interesting, I check to see who all their friends are. Sometimes I'll get lost, but it's fun, and I've found some great material. LouLou Loves You, and Iaonnis Dimitris, are just a couple I found on Myspace.

For a more refined search, you can run a search through your professional network settings. On your mypace profile, there will be a section ‘networks' and  when you click on that it will bring you to the search.

From there you can set your parameters. I like to check out designers around the globe, and since Myspace won't let you run  an international search, I try to use the countries to my advantage, like for instance, Sweden is really hot right now, so I'll search through the Swedish designers… then when I find their profiles, if they don't have post-worth material, maybe their friends do.

3. Dripbook

Dripbook is easy if you're looking for more than just fashion designers, they also have a great selection of photographers, illustrators, stylists… I would say even better than their designer selection at the moment. The bonus is the large photos for easy posting, and the ease of searching, it's all pretty self explanatory, as it's embedded in the navigation.

4. Ninteen74

Ninteen74 is a relatively new social network for fashion professionals. It's great for finding companies, and for people who working on projects and looking for collaborators. The good thing about Nineteen74 is that the people on there want exposure, so in my experience, they've been more than willing to be helpful when it comes to writing a post.  Just poking around there, I found some content for my blog and was able to contact the designer directly for high resolution images and a press release.

5. Etsy

I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. Granted I get lost every time I go on that site, I even have my own shop. But… the search features really suck, and if there are advanced search features, I haven't found them.. Generally, in the handmade section, I type in various trends… like here I typed in ‘high waist' and there were lots of great finds, each leading me to a seller that might also have other things I want to post about… like here, Hopeless, a lingerie designer makes some beautiful granny undies I must have (though I wouldn't look that good in them).

I also subscribe to the Seasonal Fashion Gift Guide, it helps bring my attention to new sellers/designers that I may not think to run a search on.

I know a lot of you are Etsy experts… how do you find great things on there? What social networks do you use to generate content?

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  1. Tierra M Wilson

    i love Nineteen74! I just stumble upon it about 2 weeks ago and already found some great designers… can’t wait to check out Dripbook… great leads!

  2. Prêt à Porter P

    sometimes i feel like there’s too much social networking sites. too many memberships to all keep track of.

    its why im dragging my feet to join bloglovin, even though it looks like it would be pretty convenient.

  3. Fajr

    I agree Pret-A Porter… they’re are soooo many to choose from. I guess it’s a matter of picking the ones that are most convenient and useful to you and your blog. Nineteen74 and Dripbook look interesting

  4. Jennine

    ah yeah… social networks are a lot of work… but i like to keep my eyes on a handful, and five is usually all i can handle… these are my favorite 5 at the moment… all which I’ve gotten quality content from.

  5. Tierra M Wilson

    To make sure I don’t get overwhelmed, I always make sure that I focus on the one’s that benefit my blogs. If I haven’t gotten a referral from a social media site to my blog or website and I’ve interacted with users for at least 3 weeks… I let it go. It sounds mean, but its the only way to make sure its beneficial to my online goals.

  6. Jennine

    that’s a good point… there are some networks i keep in touch with even if it’s not for actual traffic, but because of exposure… like on modepass where i can see x amount of people had viewed my profile. i may have gotten only a few actual hits from them, but i know that it reinforces my brand so i keep it up.

    other ones i just hang onto only if i get immediate results… like quality content generation.

  7. Tierra M Wilson

    You know what a great site is that will give lots of referrals to your site? My IT Things ( I put my blog post up there and right when it gets good I insert.. READ MORE with a link to the post. A lot of times your post will end up on the front page… they are like the number 3 referral to my blog… plus they have lots of interesting users and great articles.

  8. Jennine

    @tierra… wow… i didn’t really know what my it things was, but i’m going to check it out, like right now.

    @pret hahah many social networks do have that delete button, but i always keep mine up just incase i return… like so many times i ditch myspace, and facebook… only to return later.