Geek Chic: Best Tech for Fashion Bloggers


This post is written by Jordana of Clutch 22, a personal style, DIY and shopping blog. November marks the 1 year anniversary for Clutch 22… and we were lucky enough for Jordana to share with us some of the tech tips that has helped her blog grow.

Chic Geek: Best Tech for Fashion Bloggers

As technology plays a bigger role in our day to day lives, we all have to be a little geeky to keep up with the game, especially bloggers. Fashion bloggers in particular manage everything from simple photo editing and uploading to mobile posts and even web design.

Thankfully, new technologies are continuing to emerge designed to simplify and enhance our digital lives. So what kinds of gadgets should we carry in our handbags, what software should we have on our computers and where is a good place to host a fashion blog? Here are some helpful tools to ease your fashion blogging experiences:

Photos and more…

Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Camera

I recently tested the Canon SD880 IS against my older Canon SD30 that I got a few years ago and the difference is insane! With 10.0 megapixels, the clarity is incredibly realistic – enough to show important details in outfit photos that my 5.0 megapixel camera is unable to capture! It also takes great video, which is important considering the increasing amount of video content appearing on blogs.

Here’s the crazy part—the new SD880 retails for about $300 and my old Canon cost $400 three years ago. It’s at the top of my wish list for this holiday season.

Visit Canon’s website for more information.


InfranView is one of the easiest photo editing tools available, and it’s free. If you take a lot of photos for your blog, it’s especially helpful for resizing, color/brightness editing and converting to different file types like jpeg. Want to know a secret? To make my personal style photos pop more from the page, I use it to tweak the brightness and contrast levels.

Read more about the features and download for free at:

Mobile Phones

Apple iPhone AT&T

First of all, it’s sexy and as style bloggers, form factor is very important. Even beyond its sleek and shiny appearance, the iPhone is one of the most genius gadgets I’ve ever seen.

The applications are not only entertaining (think Wii style bowling, but don’t let go of your phone…oops!), but very useful. For example, if you run your blog on WordPress, there is an application that allows you to manage your blog straight from your iPhone. Talk about a perfect solution for serial multi taskers, which so many of us are.

Go to your nearest Apple store for more info or read about it at:

T-Mobile G1

The T-Mobile G1 (manufactured by HTC) is the only device to offer a touch screen, a full QWERTY (aka top left letters on the keyboard) and a track ball for easy navigation. Though the design is fairly simple, the keyboard really comes in handy for doing email blog posts via your phone.

Similar to the iPhone, the G1 offers multiple applications at your fingertips. One in particular is Shop Savvy, which allows you to scan a barcode and find web/local prices on the product with the touch of your phone's screen. For fashion bloggers who are frugal with their purchases, this takes comparison shopping to a whole new level.

Visit for additional info.

Blogging and more…


There are plenty of options available when it comes to hosting your blog. Platforms (e.g. Blogger, Typepad, WordPress) are a good route if you’re going for simplicity and cost-effectiveness (aka easy and free).

OnSugar is a new platform recently launched by Brian Sugar of the ever popular Sugar Empire (FabSugar, PopSugar, GeekSugar, etc). With a motto of “sweet and simple publishing,” it’s a great place to host your blog as they’ve designed features that particularly appeal to the needs of fashion/style bloggers including:

  • Create visuals and interactive content such as galleries, spreads, polls and quizzes
  • Easy affiliate marketing with ShopSense – get paid when readers shop from your blog
  • Free access to Getty photos
  • Find and follow your favorite blogs

Get started at:


Aside from being a great way to draw additional traction for your blog posts, Twitter is an excellent source for finding new content ideas, not to mention networking. A lot of PR people use it to get the word out – so much better than email blasts because they only have 140 characters to make their point.

Want to join the action? Follow these IFBers who are already on Twitter:

The Coveted (IFB Founder) Annie Spandex Clutch 22 (that’s me!) eye4style Mademoiselle Robot Second City Style Style Bubble Style IT Style Salvage Technology Starlet PR CoutureYour browser may not support display of this image. Dramatis Personae Style Rookie Market PubliqueAllICblogYour browser may not support display of this image.The Sunday BestGala DarlingTres Plus Cool Style Alchemy Style Discovery WB JewelryPrincessPoochieAgent Lover

(note from IFB: This list is by no means a complete list… it's merely a few members)


Polyvore is a really cool site for creating visuals and collages to use in your blog posts. You can download a tool at the top of your browser that enables you to easily add products to the database. In other words, if you’re shopping online at Topshop and see something you like, all you have to do is click the “clip to Polyvore” button at the top of your browser and it’s automatically saved to your items without taking you to a new website.

Once you’re ready to make a set, go to and log in. From there, you can drag and drop images from the database into a collage. On top of that, Polyvore stores URLs for all the products saved to the database which makes it easy for photo crediting. Here’s an example of a set I made a few months back inspired by Hermione from Harry Potter:

Visit to learn more and get started. (stop by here for the IFB interview with Polyvore)

There are so many more helpful products and websites that could be listed above, but these are a good start to get you in touch with your inner chic geek. What types of technologies do you use the most for your blog? Care to share?

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19 Responses

  1. Annie Spandex

    I’ve been thinking about getting the T-Mobile G1… That Shop Savvy app sounds pretty cool–didn’t know about that.
    Thank you for including me in your list of Twitters! <3 That was a nice surprise.

  2. Retro Chick

    I like to keep up with emails, blog posts and take good blog photos while I’m out and about without filling up my handbag with 100 different electronic devices. I’ve just got an LG Renoir phone and I’m impressed so far, it’s got an 8mp camera that takes good snaps as well as Wi Fi capabilities.

    Polyvore was one of my favourite online discoveries for my blog I think! I must get around to signing up for Twitter though.

  3. Jordana

    Annie–I don’t have T-Mobile, but I’ve played the with G1 a few times and really like it. Shop Savvy is really cool…I can’t wait to see what apps they come out with in the future. Np on including you on Twitter. Seems like our paths keep crossing…Glamour, Bluefly FD08 and I knew you would be on Twitter…haha!

    Retro Chick–8 mp in a camera phone?! I have to check this out. Who is your service provider? Would love to see you on Twitter!

    Punky–I haven’t tried Picnik, but will check it out. So cool that it’s attached to your Flickr. InfranView is nice b/c it’s almost brainless….lol.

  4. Leah

    ah! i’ve been looking for something like polyvore for my blog! it’s perfect.

    I wonder if there’s a blogger application for iPhones. i need to investigate that.

    awesome post!

  5. lisa

    Polyvore is a godsend. And if the Canon camera sounds half as good as you say it is, I definitely want to check it out.

  6. Meg

    I think I’m sticking with my Helio Ocean for now. It also has a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as camera, video, music, messaging, games, YouTube, and Opera Mini browser. I may consider a Google based phone when they get Google Reader and Google Docs working on one, but I’ve been unimpressed by what I’ve read and seen of the current model.

  7. apricot tea.

    These things are SO helpful for me; thank you so much for writing about them. :]

    I, too, use irfanview, as well as polyvore & find them both extremely helpful.

  8. sascha

    Thank you for these tips! After getting started, I’ve been overwhelmed with learning all the techy things we as specifically fashion bloggers need to know. I’ve also been looking for the right camera. Thanks again!

  9. Jordana

    Leah–So glad you find Polyvore to be helpful for your blog! I think there’s a Blogger app for the iPhone, but it might be from another company. Have you tried sending posts from mobile email? I bet it’s pretty easy for Blogger.

    Lisa–The Canon is everything I need and more from a digital camera. I bet you could get it for less than $300 during all the Cyber Monday craziness (I don’t do Black Friday…but they might have a good deal on it for that too).

    Meg–Sounds like you have a good thing going with your current phone. I am looking forward to new apps like a good RSS feed too!

    Apricot Tea–So glad these tips were helpful! Aren’t Polyvore and InfranView amazing?!

  10. Natanya

    Excellent post, I’m totally gonna check out Polyvore.

    I have to say I looove my iPhone, it’s been a lifesaver in starting a blog. I am so obssessed with it I wrote a whole post on all the ways I love it and the best uses and apps. for fashionistas. Its always with me (my hubby is getting jealous) I just can’t put it down.

    Anyway thanks for all the ideas!

  11. songy

    Infraview is great but Picasa 3 rules. (unless there’s fear on the google world domination)

    oh I’m a bad twitter. I barely manage to log in once a day! 🙂

  12. Jennine

    ooh great list!

    i personally take a lot of time with my posts.. they all need photoshop work, for cropping and indesign for my pull quotes, but i’m also a graphic designer, so i’m an adobe snob. that said, if i weren’t a designer, i wouldn’t learn all that just for blogging. i’ts overdoing it…

    as far as the canon, i own the powershot2100 and i love it. i think the one listed here is a new version, so i can only imagine it’s way better.

  13. barcelonette

    thank you so much! I’ll go for Infranview now
    happy weekend **
    .-= barcelonette´s last blog ..MILAN FW 2010 REVIEW =-.

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  15. Spaze Apparel D475 Sweater

    Polyvore is a really cool site for creating visuals and collages to use in your blog posts. You can download a tool at the top of your browser that enables you to easily add products to the database. In other words, if you’re shopping online at Topshop and see something you like, all you have to do is click the “clip to Polyvore” button at the top of your browser and it’s automatically saved to your items without taking you to a new website.

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