IFB Announcement: The Newsletter

A while back we talked about adding a newsletter to your blog. After a lot of thought, I've decided IFB would be incomplete without it's own newsletter. But I didn't want to start it without telling you about it, and I certainly didn't want to start it without asking you what features you would like in the IFB newsletter. Merely sending out a newsletter with stuff you can just find on the blog would be a little redunant, and I really want to make it something you would want to read in addition to the site. Here are some of my ideas.

1. Newsletter will run once a week.

2. Summaries of the weekly posts & new features

3. A few highlights from Links à la Mode

4.  New Members

5. Anniversaries once a month- For blogs celebrating one or more years.

6. Resources, ie. Giveaways, new sites, sales etc. These will likely be sponsored links, and they will certainly go through a quality control, all pertaining to what will add value to your blog. I haven't approached anyone as of yet with this, but it's an option I'm looking into.

7. A featured question from the forums… get your questions answered!

8. Blogger spotlight?

I know this seems like a meaty newsletter… and I just really want to make it valuable to you, and help generate traffic and awareness not just for IFB but to you as well. I'll try to keep it brief or easily scanable, so you can find what you are looking for. I have and always will protect your email addresses, and I'll only send out information which may be useful to you.

If you don't want to recieve the newsletter, then you can just leave a comment, and I'll make sure that you don't get entered in the database, and unsubcribing will always be an option. Just know that if you're not in my database, I can't let everyone know when you have a birthday, nor would it feel right to post you in a Links a la Mode highlights, or a Blogger Spotlight when other bloggers are participating.

The newsletter is going to be launched next week, so if you have any questions, or suggestions, then please let me know! So far I've only got about half of you in my database, but hopefully that will be changed by the beginning of the year. Leave a comment if you want to make sure you're in the database to recieve the first newsletters!

I really look forward to this next step in developing IFB into an essential resource, there is certainly more on the horizon!

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33 Responses

  1. Ashe Mischief

    Despite you thinking it sounds meaty, I think it sounds great! Since IFB is such a valuable resource, I think that the email should have some weight, some value, and lots of information!

    All of the suggestions you outlined above sound amazing, and while I typically don’t subscribe to newsletters, the IFB one would be one I’d be happy to get!

    (Though i may need to update my email address…)

  2. Princess Poochie

    Maybe a regional section (or that could be a sub-section in the Resources section). I like all of if. I think maybe a poll via Twitter too?

    And do we already have a place with something like an address book/contact list? E.g. – members and their email/twitter/facebook listings? So you could go and add everyone and not have to hunt it down individually?

    Maybe a “classifieds” section where people could do a message or propose a meet-up.

    Just some thoughts.

  3. thealchemist

    i think all of this starts amazing! i completely agree that it is too redundant to just send out a newsletter that has then same info on the site which is probably why i don’t sign up for too many newsletters. but what you listed here and with other members suggestion, i think this might be an impressive newsletter…

  4. Grace

    Sounds fantastic! It’s reasons like this that you’re on the cutting edge of fashion blogging. 🙂


  5. Jennine

    Thank you all for all your support! I’ll be sure to have you on the first newsletter!

    @Poochie… Thanks for your suggestions, we are going to expand our resources beginning next year, and a regional portion is perfect. As far as the email/twitter type information, I’m not comfortable with having that easily harvested, one it leave it vulnerable to spam. I’m sure in the future we’ll establish more searchable options… stay tuned.

  6. Leah

    Oh this definitely sounds good! All your ideas are wonderful and I like the fact that it’ll be more than just a post round-up. Looking forward to it!

  7. Jordana

    So excited to see this come to fruition, Jennine! Love the idea of a blogger spotlight…with so many wonderful blogs to visit, sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of backgrounds.

  8. Jennine

    Ooh cool… i can’t wait to do the blogger spotlight! There’s so many to choose from… maybe it would be cool to make that part more democratic, like a post topic in the forums? It’s a thought.

    Sooo… ‘anonymous’ i know who you are… 😉
    A blogger challenge… that’s a great idea! I’ll try to think of some stuff for the next newsletter

  9. kirafashion

    Great news!
    How will you know about blogs anninersary?
    Would you like us to tell you previously?

    a kiss

    Great posts for the community! Congratulations about all great work!

  10. Jennine

    @kira… for now, all the applications have the anniversary date already in them, so unless you joined before we made the move over, then we have your bloggaversary!

    @songy… ooh i don’t know… i sure hope so, it’s certainly going to mean re structuring!